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Details about the four manuscripts in The Brautigan Library's "Street Life" (STR) category.


These manuscripts are included in the "Street Life" (STR) category using The Mayonnaise System, a classification system developed for The Brautigan Library. Manuscripts are cataloged according to fourteen general categories, the year of submission, and the order of acquisition into the category. For example, LOV 1992.005 indicates the manuscript was the fifth one cataloged in 1992 to the LOV(e) category. Manuscript synopses provided by authors at time of submission. Comments from The Librarian provide additional information.


Manuscripts in STR category = 4
1990 = 4 manuscripts
Missing = 0 manuscripts

The Chateau Victorian Story & Other Stories

Franz Benjamin
MS #141
STR 1990.004
Registered 1990/12/12 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
Although The Chateau Victorian Story is fiction, it is, within the realm of writer's license, historical fiction. That is, it is based on certain facts of history. In the Collected Works, E.B. Whitney gives us the stories, written to date, while visiting the Santa Cruz area. He stayed, during these visits at Chateau Victorian, a Bed and Breakfast Inn, and wrote most of them on the grounds of the Inn. Whitney kept a journal during this time, and added to it while walking on the beach and along the cliffs overlooking the surfers.

A Sucker's Dream

Fred Sojka (Joseph Carberry)
MS #111
STR 1990.003
Registered 1990/09/25 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
A Sucker's Dream is the story of Ray Cochran, a small time hood, who has spent most of his adult life in and out of jails. He has lived off the streets by making deals and running after hours clubs. This time being in prison has had a sobering effect on Ray, he is getting older and going no place. When he gets out of jail he is determined to find a way out for good.

Shoot Bullets through Me

Stephen McNeal
MS #080
STR 1990.002 A, B
Registered 1990/08/06 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
Shoot Bullets through Me is about two young guys, Hesiod and Earle, who meet outside Little Rock while hitchhiking. They are thrown together by the road until one dies and the other is left to tell of their time.

A Ride To Be Free

Paul Andreassen
MS #030
STR 1990.001
Registered 1990/06/03 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
A Ride To Be Free is an adventure on two wheels. A road dream.