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This catalog provides classification and curation information for more than three hundred unpublished analogue manuscripts in The Brautigan Library's Original Collection. Manuscripts are listed in order of their acquisition into the collection. Collection and categorization information is provided for each manuscript. Links provide access to further information.

Collection Information

The Brautigan Library Original Collection includes three hundred seventeen uniquely titled unpublished analogue manuscripts. Of these, twenty eight are in two or three volumes, bringing the total number of typed and bound manuscripts to three hundred thirty seven.

Total manuscripts in Original Collection = 317 (316 cataloged in acquisition records; 2 manuscripts with MS #284; so, +1 to count)
1990 = 144 manuscripts
1991 = 96 manuscript
1992 = 28 manuscripts
1993 = 24 manuscripts (Note: 2 manuscripts with MS #284: SPI 1993.001 and FAM 1992.002.A-B; No information for MS #282)
1994 = 16 manuscripts
1995 = 2 manuscripts
1996 = 6 manuscripts

Missing = 10 manuscripts
#077 FAM 1990.008.A-B
#102 LOV 1990.013
#116 LOV 1990.014
#156 POE 1991.004
#173 ALL 1991.006
#210 ALL 1991.014
#245 POE 1992.003
#247 LOV 1992.002
#252 MEA 1992.001.A-B
#256 SOC 1992.003

Within the United States, 294 manuscripts were submitted from 39 states in the following numbers, most to least: California (49), Vermont (40), Pennsylvania (36), Massachusetts (34), New York (27), Connecticut (10), Florida (9), Washington (8), New Jersey (8), Missouri (6), New Mexico (6), Virginia (6), Arizona (5), Maryland (5), Kansas (4), Kentucky (4), Michigan (4), New Hampshire (4), Oregon (4), Ohio (3), Illinois (2), Georgia (2), Maine (2), Minnesota (2), Rhode Island (2), Alabama (1), Arkansas (1), Colorado (1), Delaware (1), Indiana (1), Montana (1), North Carolina (1), Nebraska (1), Oklahoma (1), Tennessee (1), Texas (1), and Wisconsin (1).

From outside the United States, 22 manuscripts were submitted from 4 countries in the following numbers, most to least: Canada (14), Saudi Arabia (4), United Kingdom (3), and India (1).

Manuscripts are grouped by the year and order of their acquisition. The following information is provided for each manuscript.
Author name
Author location (at time of manuscript submission)
Acquisition sequence number (beginning with #001)
Acquisition Date (the date of cataloging and inclusion in the Library collection; 1990-1996 for original library, and then beginning in 2013 when it reopened in Vancouver, Washington)
Mayonnaise System category : Mayonnaise System catalog number

Each manuscript in The Brautigan Library Original collection is cataloged using The Mayonnaise System, an organizational system that uses thirteen general categories, the year of submission, and the order of acquisition to provide a unique identification for each manuscript. For example, LOV 1992.005 indicates the manuscript was the fifth acquisition in 1992 to the LOV(e) category of the library's collection.

The majority of manuscripts in The Brautigan Library Original collection are typed or printed one side on 8.50" x 11" white paper, and bound in black, burgundy, gray, brown, or navy blue vinyl covers. The different colored bindings represent the relative number of pages for each manuscript, with black the least and navy blue the most. No titles or author names appear on the covers, only a collection category number. Several manuscripts are self-published, are generally 5" x 8," and provide a more conventional cover with title and author name.

Additional information for each manuscript includes authors' synopses provided at time of submission, samples from the beginning of each manuscript, and Librarian's Comments.

Manuscripts 1990

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 144
Missing manuscripts = 3 (#077 FAM 1990.008.A-B; #102 LOV 1990.013; #116 LOV 1990.014)
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 141

The McNowski Papers

Donald McNowski
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #001
Acquisition Date 1 April 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.001
A collection of letters, responses and other stuff from Burlington's premier cultural critic, Donald McNowski. Patriotism, religion and America's repression of drunk drivers are dealt with in a manner which only some have called stupid.
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"Allan, You May Use Your Ballpoint Pen Now"

Allan Nicholls
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #002
Acquisition Date 2 April 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.002
In grade IV in Montreal on Fridays we had "spelling" in our good books with long fountain pens, which we had to dip in our ink wells and "write and spell properly." We were marked on neatness, correctness of spelling, and penmanship. For some reason, the horror of this event for me manifested itself in an incredible, unstoppable shaking of my hand. The introduction of the ballpoint pen two years later freed me totally of the "shakes" and I dedicated this collection to that freedom.
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Land of The Lourie

Donna Ohl Allen
(Chester, VT, USA)
MS #003
Acquisition Date 10 April 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.003
The American wife of a South African farmer-yachtsman recounts an unusual life at the troubled tip of the continent. Their travels covered the picturesque miles from the port of Cape Town, to the high country of Rhodesia, down to Mozambique, and home to District Knysna on the Indian Ocean. Frequent callers ranged from Dr. Christian Bernard, titled friends, Cape colored neighbors, passing yachties to baboons and deadly snakes.
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Peg Thornton
(New London, NH, USA)
MS #004
Acquisition Date 15 April 1990
Family: FAM 1990.001
The story of two sisters-in-law who have opposite attitudes toward life. The setting is in Vermont. All members of their families are affected by the attitudes of these two women, especially themselves.
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Confessions of Saint Thomas

Alex Stein
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #005
Acquisition Date 23 April 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.001
This is what I would call a fictive poetic. Complete with pictures for the reading impaired. Its modus tempora is representational, but its delights are fragrances. The smells of youth and the smells of crotchety old age, as well as the smells of light and darkness. This is not a book for the foolish, nor for the monetary. There is nothing gained or lost. The moral is . . . well, there is no moral, only this life, condensed.
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When Two Paths Crossed

Judy Greenawalt
(North Pownal, VT, USA)
MS #006
Acquisition Date 26 April 1990
Love: LOV 1990.001
A true story of two people from two different worlds in today's society: one from the very rich world, and one from the working middle class. Both had ambition, dreams and a lot of love and understanding to share. Both came to understand what life and love was all about. One died, the other remained, but the impact one had on the other left an imprint in those around both these people, one will never forget. Their meeting brought a family closer together and woke up nurses about what life is and how precious and short it really is. I hope those who read this will enjoy it and realize how precious life really is.
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Blood of Saints

Verbena Pastor
(Barre, VT, USA)
MS #007
Acquisition Date 27 April 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.001
A collection of six mysteries, which have as protagonists an unlikely detective team: an Italian police inspector, Sandro Guidi, and an officer in the German Army, Major Martin Bora. The time is 1943, and the place is northern Italy. The chemistry between the two men, made more difficult by the circumstances of war, curiously works to the advantage of their crime solving. In a period of great hardships, they are both honorable men, and their odd friendship proves that we can, if we choose, see past differences of culture, language and ideology. From the disappearance of a small town industrialist and the murder of a second rate starlet, to the killing of two children in a lonely wooded area, Guidi and Bora combine their talents and resources: the solutions they reach are often unexpected and sometimes disturbing, always provocative. Both characters are loosely based on people the author has directly or indirectly known. Bora, in particular, is patterned after a German officer who risked career and life to help the persecuted Jewish population of Rome. The collection is an accurate depiction of rural Italy in World War II.
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Captive Light

John and William Dodge
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MS #008
Acquisition Date 30 April 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.001
A collaboration by the Dodge brothers, inspired by the "down east" dimension of time that allows Maritimers to disappear for days at a time into the invisible world on the edge of the sea horizon. The poets would acknowledge the influence of several sea-faring establishments in Halifax, including the Sea Horse and Ginger's Tavern, on the meter of their verse.
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Writings and Drawings

Alex Stein
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #009
Acquisition Date 8 May 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.002
Various poem/proses and an unrelated manuscript of calligraphs culled from one overflowing box and thrust together under one cover for the sake of finances. Hopefully, the same spirit animates it all.
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Heaven — Fact or Fiction

Thomas J. Simmons
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)
MS #010
Acquisition Date 8 May 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.003
For the newly bereaved, those who grieve the loss of a loved one, those who believe but seek some confirmation, those who are nearing, or who have exceeded their three score and ten.
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Floating Space Duck

Herbert M. Lockwood
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #011
Acquisition Date 11 May 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.001
This collection of cartoons shares the life and times of Herbert M. Lockwood. A formidable cartoonist at the age of twelve, Mr. Lockwood went on to amuse his friends and relatives through high school and college. He died in a freak accident in 1987 at the age of 27. This collection was compiled by his friends and family.
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The Unpublished Poems of Helen Wilhelmina Wernecke

Ann Nevin, Ph.D.
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #012
Acquisition Date 14 May 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.002
This poetry collection captures the romanticism and cynicism of the early 1920s. Helen's poetry permeated her life, yet only twenty four verses were found among her effects in her box of favorite things (when she died in 1960). The brief photo history of Helen's life, written by her oldest daughter, Ann, includes a few original photographs from the "flappergirl" era. Helen's life was filled with ordinary, and some extraordinary, struggles and joys, and yet, as she wrote in "Dreams," her "outside lives in a common house while [her] inside dwells in a rose."
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Fleener Pond

K. Scott Strong
(Summerland Key, FL, USA)
MS #013
Acquisition Date 18 May 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.003
Portraits mapping the emotional geography of a place everyone comes to know at some point; but too often lose, yet never forget.
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The Past, The Present, and The Future: A Time Study of The Planet Earth

R. J. Heale
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #014
Acquisition Date 22 May 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.001
This book is an attempt to transcend Time, to look at our planet objectively from a distant point of view. I have done this by projecting my mind into outer space to look at our planet form a different perspective and observe what is actually happening on its surface over long periods of time. My particular emphasis is on the overall physical and biological process of birth, the creation of living entities, and the meaning and significance of life on this planet. I am answering the question, "What would I see happening to life on Earth if I were an astronaut permanently stationed in outer space observing the changes taking place on Earth, while circling this planet forever?"
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Oedipus in America

David Lee Johnston
(North Andover, MA, USA)
MS #015
Acquisition Date 22 May 1990
Love: LOV 1990.002
In 1958 at Princeton I began my novel about the pain of first love lost. Thirty years later after many false starts I found that my notes and dream diary from my graduate school days at Berkeley could be jigsawed to form a historical recreation of my early life. The tale told by the unconscious is an adventure of misplaced libido, a fantasy of invasion and incest. This is the first volume of a chronicle of the inner life.
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Camp Terror

Dennis Manuel
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #016
Acquisition Date 22 May 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.002
Tina, a black camp counselor teaches Judy, a young Jewish counselor to dance "funky" and Judy teaches her to swim in return. Judy helps Tina keep her job at the camp, amid the racial antipathy in the camp. When the camp is terrorized by thugs, Tina tries to save herself and Judy.
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Senseless Brushes with Death

Tom Jacoby
(New Hyde Park, NY, USA)
MS #017
Acquisition Date 23 May 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.002
This is about living amid dying; the nature of consciousness, mortality, the AIDS epidemic. Life and death are examined briefly, directly and tangentially. Each chapter may stand alone or be viewed as part of a larger work.
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Alicia Locarno (Heidi Bried)
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #018
Acquisition Date 23 May 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.004
The story of an ambiguous, greedy girl who works for an escort service (that is, as a highly paid hooker) who has a doomed relationship with a man who sincerely loves her, and who comes to a bad end, this being the case with such a dangerous occupation.
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Jam Angelica

Gene C. Spaar
(Pottstown, PA, USA)
MS #019
Acquisition Date 24 May 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.003
This comic novel concerns a very old pope who is going around the world in 1982 seeking contemporary angels. JAM ANGELICA is the name of the papal jet. After adventures in Lourdes, Paris and New Jersey, the climax of the pontifical quest occurs in Manhattan's Central Park.
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Rainbows All Around

Miriam Abbie Fuller
(Sonoma, CA, USA)
MS #020
Acquisition Date 24 May 1990
Love: LOV 1990.003
A story of true love, and about faith and patience that overcomes personality addictions and age, which means fulfillment for all the characters in the story.
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The Dioscuri

Michaele Benedict
(Montara, CA, USA)
MS #021
Acquisition Date 25 May 1990
Love: LOV 1990.004
This is a novel set in Greece which incorporates myth, magic and music into a contemporary story. Madeline and Yanni, daughter and adopted son of an American Quaker doctor, are the "twins" who are inseparable as children, and who, as adults, try in vain to live separate lives.
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The Courier

Thomas Withey
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)
MS #022
Acquisition Date 25 May 1990
Love: LOV 1990.005
This is a story about an off-shore mafia family's attempt to move to the mainland by taking over an independent money-laundering system, and the survivors counter measures that create pandemonium.
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The Myth in the Mountain

William Birns
(Margaretville, NY, USA)
MS #023
Acquisition Date 25 May 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.004
A collection of writing in three parts: poems, a history, and lyrical narrative set in Plattekill Valley of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.
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365 Bits of Wisdom To Enrich Your Daily Life

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA
MS #024
Acquisition Date 26 May 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.004
Three hundred sixty five bits of advice, philosophy and observations that I have developed over my lifetime. The passages are written in calendar format so you can open it on any date of the year and read an entry that I hope will enrich your daily life.
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Just Routine

Stephen Musselman
(Tewksbury, MA, USA)
MS #025
Acquisition Date 29 May 1990
Family: FAM 1990.002
George Paxton, beloved father of three, former Big Leaguer, and now a somewhat frustrated New York City stockbroker disappears in a blizzard enroute home from his daily commute. What follows is a rare glimpse into the bittersweet symphony of youth as played through the soul-piercing eyes of one fascinating young girl: Paxton's daughter, Gretchen, who dutifully records the search for him in combination with reminiscences over their times shared, the lessons he's taught her, and events as they unfold day to day.
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Broken Pieces

Joseph T. DeRosa
(West Townshend, VT, USA)
MS #026
Acquisition Date 31 May 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.005
This book grapples with the seeds of violence in a contemporary society on several levels: psychological, sociological, and spiritual. It is about people who gather together for community, who have nothing to offer one another but their own form of self destruction. Yet within the confines of their self induced hell, redemption is offered with freedom for those who are daring enough to grasp it.
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. . . More Than Shadows

Marilyn Resnick
(North Providence, RI, USA)
MS #027
Acquisition Date 31 May 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.005
"Your heart will always make itself known through your words." Oddly, I found those words in a fortune cookie on a sunny Memorial Day, 1990, just five years after the death of my Mother, a lovable, loving human being. After her passing, in 1985, I was inspired to assemble some of my verses and began my first "venture," ". . . More Than Shadows," which emerged after much time, trial and error. And I hope, as intended, its words reflect sorrow, joy and the triumph of the Human Spirit.
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Autobiography About A Nobody

Etherly Murray
(Pitman, NJ, USA)
MS #028
Acquisition Date 1 June 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.003
Biographies of interesting celebrities are always in demand, but when was the last time you read the biography of an interesting nobody? Come laugh with me. With homey humor you will meet some interesting characters along the way, especially Uncle Elwood the early energy saver. Growing up during the depression wasn't so bad; we ate a lot of onion sandwiches.
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The Raccoon Mountain Talk

Sheila Lawrence
(Stamford, VT, USA)
MS #029
Acquisition Date 1 June 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.002
These are short stories or portraits of Vermont living.
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A Ride To Be Free

Paul Andreassen
(Malden, NY, USA)
MS #030
Acquisition Date 3 June 1990
Street Life: STR 1990.001
An adventure on two wheels. A road dream.
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Elsie "T"

Steven Muller
(East Northport, NY, USA)
MS #031
Acquisition Date 4 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.004
Elsie "T" (Landing Craft Tanks) is a World War Two adventure story. It is a true story about the comings and goings of a young man of draft age in the European theater of war. The writer, while serving aboard the L.C.T. #24, landed under fire at Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, and Southern France. From raw recruit to combat veteran one comes to recognize the love between a sailor and Elsie, Elsie "T."
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Wild Tales of the West

Toby and Alayne Elster
(Wichita, KS, USA)
MS #032
Acquisition Date 4 June 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.004
A boy's short story (9+) about Cowboy Joe and daily incidences while working on a ranch on the prairie. A parody of realistic witticisms. Touches on geography, geology, and philosophy for young inquisitive minds woven into daily occurrences of the cowboy's life in a humorous fashion. Includes a glossary of local words and expressions.
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The Circle of Life

Hollis N. Rosendahl
(Yuma, AZ, USA)
MS #033
Acquisition Date 6 June 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.003
1. A fantastic dream about the creation of the universe and life.
2. Life in space, and on earth, from beginning to end.
3. A twenty nine-year man hunt for the five killers of my wife, and daughter.
4. Diagrams of the creation of the universe, and seven of my songs.
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Wax and Flame

John J. McHugh
(Oaklyn, NJ, USA)
MS #034
Acquisition Date 6 June 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.005
Sitting alone before lighted candles, Margaret Dineen awaits the arrival of her family for the holiday. She is haunted by the memory of a boy who had died years ago during a failed uprising in Ireland. The boy of her haunting draws her again into his overheated reality. As she eats with her family, she secretly fights the union of her life with death, of the present with the past.
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For Dear Old Ireland and Others

Thomas Withey
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)
MS #035
Acquisition Date 7 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.006
Reagan, The Queen, Charles, Diane, Bakker, Swaggert, Falwell and Bush are all in this critique about the GODS, the NEAR GODS and the DEMI GODS. We other mere MORTALS are also mentioned.
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Three Essays Advocating the Abolishing of Money

Stephen Andrew Bort
(Denver, CO, USA)
MS #036
Acquisition Date 8 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.007
Capitalism is to civilization what AIDS is to the human body. The injustice of injustices (in our world today) is that our fundamental human needs must be earned through labor and purchased with income. Human existence does not have to be subservient to the flow of money. When the needs of humanity are met unconditionally (without first having to earn the right for survival) then we, as a people, a community, will be free to turn the creativity within our minds and hearts to higher concerns.
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Over the Quagmires and through the Bogs

Rena Garter Kunis
(Bellerose, NY, USA)
MS #037
Acquisition Date 11 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.008
This book is dedicated to the principle that if you don't laugh you'll cry. It deals with adventures common to all denizens of the twentieth century in the United States, including growing up, being educated, getting a job, marrying, raising children, accumulating possessions, forming opinions and growing older. As the title indicates, we may skirt the pitfalls, be we can arrive at our destination bloodied but unbowed.
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Death of a Cowtown

Jeanne E. Phillips
(Longview, WA, USA)
MS #038
Acquisition Date 11 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.005
Sims Dodge, after eluding the brothers of a man he killed in a gambling dispute, rides into a village in New Mexico and decides to hide out there for a while. The eight inhabitants all assume he is a lawman or bounty hunter, and the tension grows as they wait day after day for him to make his play. With the exception of a young girl who works in the mercantile, they all have criminal pasts of one kind or another, and one by one they fall to pieces under the strain. In the end, Dodge destroys the entire town without firing a single bullet, tosses his deck of cards to the wind, and heads for California with the girl.
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Roses and Saxophones

Toni Graham
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #030
Acquisition Date 11 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.006
Delivers the reader into a darkly comic world where women who are either recently divorced, single men with haunted pasts, or married with lovers, lead urban complex lives.
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The Master's Ass and More

Phillip H. Frey
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)
MS #040
Acquisition Date 14 June 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.005
A collection of stories. Some are short and some are long. Some are light and some are dark. Some are true and some are not.
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Three Family Stories

Elanor Guild McHale
(Moorestown, NJ, USA)
MS #041
Acquisition Date 14 June 1990
Family: FAM 1990.003
Stories of American family life in the early twentieth century.
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Nebraska Street

Garnet Lee Kenaston
(Chatsworth, CA, USA)
MS #042
Acquisition Date 19 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.007
An account of my term in Vietnam, how I felt and the friends I made.
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On the Tide

Rita Gordon
(Sacramento, CA, USA)
MS #043
Acquisition Date 19 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.009.A-B
A romantic/war story set in the years 1896-1898. A tale of the Spanish-American War that takes place in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Florida and Cuba. The historical facts are accurate; the historical characters were real people. The lovers lose their innocence at the same time America loses hers.
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The 4-H Club

Rita Gordon
(Sacramento, CA, USA)
MS #044
Acquisition Date 19 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.010.A-B
A novel set in modern America (1990) that tells of several individual's struggle to lose fat in a bizarre and intrigue-filled fat farm full of many nationalities of unusual characters. The pyschodynamics of human behavior during weight loss has a serious side and a humorous side. This story also has a third (underlying) side: American economics.
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Dazed by Too Much Light

Shirley M. Leonard
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)
MS #045
Acquisition Date 21 June 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.006
The theme is transcendence with its ecstasies and terrors. In "From the Devine to the Human" Frithjof Schuon says, "Transcendence is not contrary to sense." To some degree I try to show this to be true.
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Performance Anxiety

Weng Choy Lee
(Oakland, CA, USA)
MS #046
Acquisition Date 21 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.008
A collection of ten prose pieces of varying length (total pages: 269). These are self-conscious meditations. They talk about themselves as writings; perhaps to the point of implosion, They are also self parodying. Most of the pieces appear to be philosophical essays about thinking, meaning, writing, art and suffering, among other things, but they are pervaded too much with madness to be taken too straightforwardly. I myself consider them as fictions.
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A Great Big Ugly Man Tied His Horse to Me

Andy Macera
(Miami, FL, USA)
MS #047
Acquisition Date 22 June 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.006
Poetry for and about children of all ages.
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Beyond Drug Wars

Jed Diamond
(San Rafael, CA, USA)
MS #048
Acquisition Date 22 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.011
Drug users are obsessed with getting drugs while our government has become just as obsessed with trying to eliminate drugs. Wars on drugs have never worked. This book offers a revolutionary alternative for ending drug abuse in America.
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Clear Sky in Winter

Chris Cotton
(Bowling Green, OH, USA)
MS #049
Acquisition Date 22 June 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.007
This book contains a selection from a cross-section of my poetry. It includes poems on one of the most important themes to me, portraits of people I love. It has a longer narrative in light verse and experiments with sound and rhythm. The last poem is a personal manifesto.
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My Mom

Carol D. Holoboff
(Great Falls, MT, USA)
MS #050
Acquisition Date 22 June 1990
Family: FAM 1990.004
Written by an Registered Nurse who was hoping to prepare her 4-year-old son for the death of his older brother. The story is told by a small boy, and the purpose of the story is to introduce a small child to the rituals of death and funerals.
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Eddie's Three Score and Ten

Milton E. Sarvas
(Laguna Hills, CA, USA)
MS #051
Acquisition Date 25 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.009
This is an accurate chronicle of events that occurred in a man's life, written in third person. Some names were changed, but dates, places and events were not.
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A Dream Fulfilled

Jack P. Damm
(Roslyn, PA, USA)
MS #052
Acquisition Date 25 June 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.004
My story started from dreams that I had when I was eight years old, the year 1924. Wanting to be a cowboy, I got my wish at age nineteen, the year 1936, in Wyoming. I spent three years there with the most unusual things happening that filled a book.
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The Long Range Effect of a Birth

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #053
Acquisition Date 25 June 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.005
The greatest achievement in life is to give birth. It is why you are alive. In this book of essays, I show how the process of birth, the creation of life, takes place, and its long range effect not only on this planet, but also on the whole universe.
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My Stories and Poems: A Sampler

Lloyd Marcus
(Hartsdale, NY, USA)
MS #054
Acquisition Date 25 June 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.012
This is a wide-ranging collection of what the author hopes are highly original, imaginative, amusing, ironic, disturbing, funny, satiric and/or provocative short stories, personal essays, and a few verses.
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The Bootstrap Book, Poems, the Realm & Merewen Plurn

Michael Courtney Soper
MS #055
Acquisition Date 25 June 1990
Future: FUT 1990.001
A collection of works from England, 1975-1984.
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Devil's Pool

Beverly Mai
(Kirkwood, MO, USA)
MS #056
Acquisition Date 25 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.010.A-B
Alone, due to her father's death shortly after their arrival at this thriving Virginia settlement, seventeen year old Kate Mulherrin is discovered by Tory plotters when she overhears their plans to gain control by means of an impending Indian attack. Fearing emminent capture, it is with some misgiving that she flees in the company of tall, mysterious Micah Randele, with whom she falls in love during their grueling journey to the bitterly contested wilderness of Kentucky. Rejected by Micah, once there, and stunned by things she learns about him, she is trapped in a remote frontier station under constant threat of British-instigated attack, but too proud to admit her feelings, too destitute to refuse the charity of strangers until such time as she should marry somebody, anybody.
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God's Gift Life's Greatest Love

Leafie H. Martin
(Lexington, KY, USA)
MS #057
Acquisition Date 27 June 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.007
The title says it all.
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Philip Lewis Preston
(Tryon, NC, USA)
MS #058
Acquisition Date 28 June 1990
Adventure: ADV 1990.001
This story/memoir concerns the irony and difficulty in learning the complex sport of sailing. Like any demanding activity, sailing reveals personal weaknesses and sometimes scary relationships to a hostile universe.
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Theory, Design & Application of a Photocombustion Reactor

Richard F. G. Grant
(Melbourne, FL, USA)
MS #059
Acquisition Date 29 June 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.011
A photocombustion reactor was designed and constructed to explore the radiation augmented chemical reaction of hydrogen and chlorine, under continuous burn conditions. Applications lay in the area of exoatmospheric propulsion. Ultimately, satellites could be propelled from the low earth orbit of the Space Shuttle to higher, more desired orbits, using the technology described in this paper. In doing so, the hydrogen-chlorine propulsion system would result in substantial cost reductions over the conventional hydrogen-oxygen system.
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Journals of a Woman

Nan-Toby Tyrrell
(Port Townsend, WA, USA)
MS #060
Acquisition Date 30 June 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.008
My poetry collection expresses the universal themes of memory, loss, the joys and pains of loving and living in an unjust world.
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Einstein Doesn't Throw Dice

Andrew Colameco
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #061
Acquisition Date 2 July 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.013
Through a poetic narrative we explore the life and mind of Peter Simmons during a few days in April, 1985. A cynical, jaded excommunicated physicist, Simmons is relegated to a lonely but imaginative existence roaming the city streets and renewing the same four library books. Through his fantasies, or perhaps, through unusual twists of fate, he is rollercoastered from street person to celebrity and in and out of love. All the while, a rich world of spirits watch, protect and torment him, including the ghost of Einstein.
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The Long Range Effect of Abortion and Other Essays about Life in the Universe

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #062
Acquisition Date 5 July 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.006
This book is a scientific and philosophical look at life from a broad perspective. It has nothing to do with the political issue of abortion. I am taking a look at both the long range effect of abortion and the long range effect of life from an overall global and universal perspective.
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The Dragon Quintet

Susan Lyn Lummis
(Lahaska, PA, USA)
MS #063
Acquisition Date 5 July 1990
Love: LOV 1990.006.A-B
An honest look at female sexuality from the female's point of view. Five short stories written by a woman, about women, for women. Each has the common theme of slaying the dragon of social conditioning and ego-misunderstandings of sex. NOTE: Contains frequent and unabashed sexuality.
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Another American Journey

Jerry Garrett
(St. Louis, MO, USA)
MS #064
Acquisition Date 11 July 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.012
A 40-year-old man quits his job and sets off to explore the land called America. He encounters a variety of strangers ready to talk. He also finds moments of American history, both major and minor, national and regional. Anecdotes of laughter, observation, poignancy and surprise.
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Said Fleet

Jeffrey P. Davis
(Madison, WI, USA)
MS #065
Acquisition Date 11 July 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.014
Twenty poems, all, except for the last, less than twenty-one lines long, addressing, among other existents, a mallard, mousse, Gaius Julius Caesar and Carl Jung, lemurs, love, ironmen, anacoulothons, artichokes, archaeology and neomythology. Said poems are annexed to twenty one-plus page sometimes witty prose character cameos; varied aphorisms; and a butterfly quiz. These collected creations are concluded by a felicitous invention. The general theme is the discovering of transcendance in common, seemingly insignificant, circumstances of everyday life.
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Abuses of Power, Restructuring Our Schools

Robert A. Rose
(San Bernardino, CA, USA)
MS #066
Acquisition Date 12 July 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.015.A-B
Explains how those associated with schools, children to school boards, abuse their powers. At the same time each person and group is a victim as well as a victimizer. Dr. Rose explores how this happens and makes suggestions for changes which would help each more effectively perform his function and make democracy, equity, responsibility, and realized potentials a reality, not empty buzzwords.
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A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #067
Acquisition Date 16 July1990
Family: FAM 1990.005
A young man and two young women form a triad and a triangle. Within their relationship, they discover sensuality and the joy of life and the poignancy of early death.
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War Dodger

A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #068
Acquisition Date 16 July 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.016
While a graduate at Oregon State University, Larry Ice undergoes enlightenment as he battles drugs, disenchantment and despair. This multi-facet novella interlayers different periods of the protagonist's life.
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A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #069
Acquisition Date 16 July 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.017
Trapped on a bare stage, an aspiring young actress encounters Friedrich Nietzche, Joan of Arc, Cataline, Diotima, and a couple of others. The denouement packs enough power with its Twilight Zone ending to qualify as an "anti-denouement."
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No Lunch in Nirvana

Bob Singer
(Scranton, PA, USA)
MS #070
Acquisition Date 19 July 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.018
One man's perspective of what it's all about!
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Rabun Redux

Rabun L. Blaylock
(Asheville, NC, USA)
MS #071
Acquisition Date 19 July 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.013
Rabun Blaylock's search for home and roots is frustrated by a highly mobile lifestyle and constant relocation. For over three decades an "American nomad," Rabun has met with personal tragedy and emotional turmoil at virtually every turn of his agonizing journey. They are his companions on this journey, as is a kind of accelerating entropy at the very core of his existence.
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Robert Lee
(San Bruno, CA, USA)
MS #072
Acquisition Date 20 July 1990
Love: LOV 1990.007.A-B
Recounts the ten year friendship between Edward Greer, instructor of English at City College of San Francisco, and his former student Richard. Their platonic love often seemed to mirror the relationship enjoyed by two of their favorite characters of English literature: Sebastian and Charles in Brideshead Revisited. Instead of alcohol which carried Sebastian away from Charles, Edward was taken away from Richard by the AIDS virus. Their tales of love and longing, pain and perseverance are the essence of life.
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Some Challenging Essays for You To Think About

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #073
Acquisition Date 23 July 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.007
This book is a collection of essays that are intended to get you to see a different perspective to many common events that take place in your life.
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V... Letters from London

John H. Sullivan
(Falls Church, VA, USA)
MS #074
Acquisition Date 24 July 1990
Family: FAM 1990.006 A compilation of letters I wrote, and received, in England (mostly London) while I was stationed there with the U.S. 8th Army Air Force during the World War II period of April 1943 to November 1945. These letters, edited and commented on by my family and me, reflect the British and American home fronts, and my experiences, as well as those of my Infantry and Air Force buddies scattered throughout the globe.
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The Tough Get Going

Mark H. Masse
(Eugene, OR, USA)
MS #075
Acquisition Date 25 July 1990
Family: FAM 1990.007
A novel set in metropolitan New York during the late 1960's (the season of Woodstock, Vietnam and the amazing Mets.) The book tells the story of sixteen-year-old Nick More, who is growing up in a tough, ethnically-polarized town. To achieve his aspirations, Nick must prove himself in an adolescent world of conflict and change. A realistic coming-of-age novel that deals with broken dreams, family problems and a sudden, difficult relocation as Nick moves in his senior year from his native New York to southern Ohio.
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Cynthia and the Blue Cat's Last Meow

Jeff May
(Ballwin, MO, USA)
MS #076
Acquisition Date 27 July 1990
Love: LOV 1990.008
A young narrator enters an unusual, anthropomorphic natural setting that appears perfect. Gradually, he sees, but cannot readily accept, his own tormented soul, the demons gnawing at his heart, hidden beneath the natural beauty. This story is about the unleashing and dissolution of those demons and his maturing perception of Cynthia. It is also about her guidance and the resulting changes that occur within her.
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Family Tree

Nancy K. Lamoureux
(Van Nuys, CA, USA)
MS #077
Acquisition Date 31 July 1990
Family: FAM 1990.008.A-B
A saga about vulnerable Sarah Morgan and later, her daughter, loyal Judith Stanhope. With tragic consequences, both love compassionate Dr. Warren Hollis. Interwoven with accurate medical genetics and nursing history (1932-1955). NOTE: This manuscript is missing from the collection.
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A Revolutionary Way of Looking at the Earth as a Planet

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #078
Acquisition Date 1 August 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.008
In these two articles, I am doing what has never been done before. I am studying our Earth from a perspective that is completely objective. In the first article, I am investigating what is happening to all life on our planet, which leads us to the development of a Grand Unified Theory for the ongoing creation of life. In the second article, I am divorcing myself from our Earth-centered point of view by putting myself in the place of an astronaut located permanently in outer space, who is looking back at the Earth from a distance to take a critical look at what is happening on this planet over Time.
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Dead Lines

John H. Sullivan
(Falls Church, VA, USA)
MS #079
Acquisition Date 1 August 1990
Love: LOV 1990.009
This is a novel about Harold Pierce, a smart but raunchy, married and womanizing newsman who arrives in a small Mass. city after being bounced from a Boston daily. He's soon romancing Dora, mother of five and wife of The Bulletin's sports editor. Art McGraw, the editor, former five-time All-Pro NFL linesman, becomes involved with Mayor Joe Briggs and is threatened with exposure by Harold. After a grand jury hearing and two years later, Briggs and McGraw are dead, the widowed Dora ditches Harold and leaves Summitville with her children.
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Shoot Bullets through Me

Stephen B. McNeal
(New Cumberland, PA, USA)
MS #080
Acquisition Date 6 August 1990
Street Life: STR 1990.002.A-B
Two young guys, Hesiod and Earle, meet outside Little Rock while hitchhiking. Thrown together by the road until one dies and the other is left to tell of their time.
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John M. Bican
(San Gabriel, CA, USA)
MS #081
Acquisition Date 7 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.014
A short history of my life from my years in college through a bout with polio, rehabilitation, establishing a running a business for 30 years, and having to retire after cancer surgery and the necessity of living in a convalescent hospital.
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You Can Always Live Twice

Theodore Peterson
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #082
Acquisition Date 8 August 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.006
Rejected by his long-time patron and benefactor, disgusted with greed of the art world, Val, a young avant-garde artist, kills himself, sort of. Actually, in this comic caper novel the ebullient Val fakes his own death, including a riotous funeral; watches from afar as his art pieces and artistic reputation skyrocket, and then prepares to go public to expose the crass commercialism of it all.
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The Search

Joseph A. Diblin
(Lewisburg, PA, USA)
MS #083
Acquisition Date 10 August 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.019
A pilot disappears during a mysterious flight from Colombia. His friend and sister search for the missing flyer. Against the unusual background of the island of Saba in the Caribbean, the searchers find cocaine and love and the missing pilot.
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The Revolt of the Peaceful Indians

Dean Lipton
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #084
Acquisition Date 10 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.015
No synopsis provided.
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Servant of Many Masters

Ellen Bridget Duguid
MS #085
Acquisition Date 13 August 1990
Love: LOV 1990.010
Explores the sexual geometry of the eternal triangle, and discovers some new angles. It examines the complex mechanisms of patriotism, religion, rootlessness, love and the lack of it, in-so-far as they shape and test the diverse members of Jane's family. Amid its tragic, and sometimes comic maneuvering the heroine's character matures, as she discovers true happiness comes through being true to yourself.
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More Challenging Essays for You To Think About

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #086
Acquisition Date 15 August 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.009
These essays cover a variety of subjects in a very different way. I am challenging you to be creative as you read. You will have to go beyond what I have written to achieve a fuller understanding of each topic.
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The Fast

Dan Blaukopf
(Havertown, PA, USA)
MS #087
Acquisition Date 16 August 1990
Love: LOV 1990.011
Four stories linked by a common theme, a kind of spiritual pilgrimage. The fast, itself, a charitable event for world hunger foisted on a Friend's meeting, is an anti-banquet for lost souls. Stories are about a child in a disintegrating family, a woman come home to take care of her dying father, a macho army reservist and a gay professor rooming together on a cruise, and a 60's dropout, a kind of human chameleon.
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A Case of Do or Die and Other Stories

Dan Blaukopf
(Havertown, PA, USA)
MS #088
Acquisition Date 16 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.016
Stories written over thirteen years about a mystical factory worker, nursing home patients, a married couple at a wedding, a youth who delivers oxygen for a living, an old black case manager who relies on folk wisdom, a supervisor at a computer company losing himself, a rock star trying to give up his father's legacy, and a husband and wife who give up their jobs to open a restaurant. Also a children's story and stories about young adulthood and the work world.
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If You're Looking for Love, You Won't Find It on River Road

Dan Blaukopf
(Havertown, PA, USA)
MS #089
Acquisition Date 16 August 1990
Love: LOV 1990.012
The black sheep of the family, left on a kibbutz in Israel as a child, beaten in the 1967 War, and now living in the U.S., is a clinical psychologist obsessed with achieving the American dream through computer technology. He goes nowhere, flees to Israel, and resurrects himself as the head of a cult.
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How To Succeed as a Successful Woman, or Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip

Barbara Kingsley
(St. Augustine, FL, USA)
MS #090
Acquisition Date 16 August 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.020
Losing her husband and child early in WWII, the author survived many tragedies and went on to have successful careers in three different countries, as well as two more happy marriages and another child.
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Sure Beats Watching Trains

Jeffrey Dwyer
(Putney, VT, USA)
MS #091
Acquisition Date 20 August 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.007.A-B
Burned-out shoe salesman Stuart Williams is overtaken by an alien persona, J. Edgar Beaks, while vacationing in the Southwest. Beaks meets up with a slickly, Dirk Tepid, whose overwhelming ambition is to dethrone the makers of notoriously BAD commercials. Together, Beaks and Tepid dash to the Grand Canyon chasing Madge, Mrs. Olson and Mr. Whipple, as Tepid instructs Beaks in the ways of earthly man. Eventually, a master psychiatrist, Salvatore Krimshaw, must step in to rescue Stuart (feeling that he is losing his mind) from the alien clutches of Beaks.
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The Carousel Rider

Stephen Stathis
(Wellesley, MA, USA)
MS #092
Acquisition Date 20 August 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.021
Deals with a one boy's development built around his experiences with the carousel carvers from the turn of the century. It shows his state of mind as he goes from the city to the country, from an abandoned carousel to one that works. He in time finds that he must find his own happiness as he grows up.
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Three Short Stories with Unexpected Endings

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #093
Acquisition Date 27 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.017
Each of these three short stories has a surprise finale. They are intended to keep you guessing until you reach the end.
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Robert S. Poole
(Bellerville, MI, USA)
MS #094
Acquisition Date 27 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.018
A collection of short stories about love, work, and wandering; the stories are ultimately about, I guess, growing up. The tone is quiet and reflective, to serve as a lens for characters who are outsiders and for locales which whiz by like telephone poles.
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The Adventures of Mohamed and Dee Lille

May Janko
(Bronx, NY, USA)
MS #095
Acquisition Date 27 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.019
For the love of mice, this series of fantasy-adventures reveals their all too human frailties and achievements. The protagonist, Dee Lille Mus, strives for love and survival. She, along with a well-intentioned human family and a warm-hearted egocentric cat, join forces in coping with a world that is too sophisticated for their provincial lives. They seek their roots, using the past for a security base as well as a bridge to the unknown future.
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Auburn Angel

Anna Louise
(Whittier, CA, USA)
MS #096
Acquisition Date 28 August 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.020.A-B
It was a time of different values, a point of view of fifty years ago, before women's liberation, legal abortion, massive welfare, and outspoken immorality. The setting is old New York and Miami during the start of the 'Big Band Era' and illegal gambling.
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Mother and Daughter

Dennis Manuel
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #097
Acquisition Date 29 August 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.022
First draft of a short novel or play. It's about every young, insecure and overly possessive black mother and her precocious daughter. Apparently later "scooped" by the author of the 1980 TV movie, Mother and Daughter, except that my story has a black cast and takes place in a matter of hours, as opposed to years.
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R.I.F. (Reduction In Force)

Ernest B. Cohen
(Upper Darby, PA, USA)
MS #098
Acquisition Date 29 August 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.023
Both a fiction, and a philosophic statement concerning the meaning of life in the modern world. It covers about 30 years in the lives of two people, starting with their courtship at Cornell University, and ending with their dedication to restructuring society. The novel comments on technology, unemployment, Judaism (and Jews by choice), family, community, and society. The Family-Community Movement (and its Jewish branch, Hehillat Mishpakhot) is an attempt to implement the philosophy of R.I.F. in our present American society.
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Beneath the Honk of Geese

C.B. Follett
(Sausalito, CA, USA)
MS #099
Acquisition Date 18 September 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.009
This collection of poems shows an admiration of and intrigue with nature, a fear of our ecological future, the ups and downs of relationships and family, memories of girlhood, and the pain and challenge of loss.
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Fantasies II

Melvin Spivak
(Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
MS #100
Acquisition Date 18 September 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.024
My second short story collection, the other is Fantasies (Mojave Press, 7118 Canby Avenue, Reseda, CA 91335). These are collections of science-fantasies, social fiction, and mystery about mythical worlds, human suffering, and religious experience.
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October 6, 1984 to October 6, 1985 or One Year to Life

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #101
Acquisition Date 6 September 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.010
What is today's date? No matter what date it is, I want you to make an appointment with yourself to go to the maternity wing of a hospital one year from today and see a new born baby. When you see that child, tell it what transpired before it came into the world, starting on this date for the one year period before it was born. This is what I have done here.
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In Impatient Stillness

Elaine Froehlich
(Johnstown, PA, USA)
Acquisition MS #102
Date 6 September 1990
Love: LOV 1990.013
A spineless book about a spineless love affair written from three perspectives and cut together to form a discontinuous text. Thoughts, conversations and a narrative not necessarily conjunctive in time converge on the page to create the story. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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Stories & Essays

Maria M. Ottwaska Tei
(St. Louis, MO, USA)
MS #103
Acquisition Date 6 September 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.021
The general theme of these texts is an attempt to show how difficult writing is. Secondly, the actual themes dealt with in the various pieces portray a woman's life. Thirdly, the point of alternately using an essay, then a short story, is to hopefully show the difference between one and the other genre, yet to boldly place them in one book. And why not? I am saying here that perhaps in the Brautigan Library this kind of daring has a place. Last, but not least, is the general philosophy running through the work: who are we all? And so, the student tried to write.
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Rory Stories, Volume I

John A. Angstrom
(Beverly, MA, USA)
MS #104
Acquisition Date 7 September 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.008.A-B
These tales are the humorous adventures of a talking Shetland sheepdog named Rory O'More. The locale is the greater Boston area, with particular concentration in Beverly, where the narrator lives. Two additional volumes have been written, and a fourth is presently in the final stages of completion.
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Signaling through Flames

Sheila Holtz
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)
MS #105
Acquisition Date 13 September 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.010
Poems of innocence; poems of experience. Explored here are dream, vision, relationship and transformation. This collection reflects an inner journey which unfolds in time, though not necessarily in chronology. The poet travels through fiery realms and telegraphs back her report of this crucible "like [a] victim burnt at the stake, signaling through flames." (Quote from epigraph by Antonin Artaud.)
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The Debra Linsemeyer Poetry Collection

Debra Linsemeyer
(Michigan City, IN, USA)
MS #106
Acquisition Date 15 September 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.011
No synopsis provided.
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A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #107
Acquisition Date 13 September 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.022
A university drama instructor struggles to do right by his pre-teen daughter. His obsession for the "niece" of a philosophy professor plunges the drama instructor into a world of philosophy, poot-nam horror, and juvenile nudity.
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I Stammer It to Angels

David Castleman
(Mill Valley, CA, USA)
MS #108
Acquisition Date 14 September 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.012
Since the dawning of reality we have been in crisis beset with delusions and lies, and almost as much energy has been used to dispel the cobwebs of dishonesty as to prevent their removal. Much energy has been used in humanity's attempt to remain on the surface of existence, and to recognize nothing beyond, nothing more. These essays and these poems are part of an attempt to delineate that something beyond, something more than life on the surface.
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Revolutions of the Brain, Songs of Shit

Sydney A. Kneebone
(North Huntingdon, PA, USA)
MS #109
Acquisition Date 17 September 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.013
Both collections are an attempt to express the thoughts and feelings of fifty years of life.
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The World Is Wrong

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #110
Acquisition Date 17 September 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.011
Nicolas Copernicus proved the world was wrong. In these essays, I am trying to show that there are still many present day "truths" that are false.
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A Sucker's Dream

Fred T. Sojka and Joseph Carberry
(Greenwich, CT, USA)
MS #111
Acquisition Date 25 September 1990
Street Life: STR 1990.003
This is the story of Ray Cochran, a small time hood, who has spent most of his adult life in and out of jails. He has lived off the streets by making deals and running after hours clubs. This time being in prison has had a sobering effect on Ray, he is getting older and going no place. When he gets out of jail he is determined to find a way out for good.
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Life on Earth Before You Were Born

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #112
Acquisition Date 26 September 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.012
To understand the world you live in, you must look at your lifetime from the point of view of those who are yet to be born. You must constantly keep in mind that everything that happens is taking place before the arrival of others who will appear on this Earth later. Whatever you do during your lifetime has a long-range effect on what they will see and what will take place during their lifetime.
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Cinema Inspiration

A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #113
Acquisition Date 28 September 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.025
A potpourri of theme and style: the principal is a movie script about a love affair between a fundamentalist Christian televangelist and a "new age" religionist. That's "Hot Rabbits." "Mother Star" is a treatment about a teenage boy who mistakenly believes he's an extra-terrestrial alien.
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Humanizing Architecture

G.V. Trieschmann
(Tucson, AZ, USA)
MS #114
Acquisition Date 1 October 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.026
Written in annotation for dynamic visual demonstration of how modern Western building came to be and how it has led to the "Savings and Loan Crisis" in the United States, "property crisis" in Australia, and general discontent over building in Great Britain as expressed by Charles, Prince of Wales, in A Vision of Britain.
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T. F. Maguire
(North Kingstown, RI, USA)
MS #115
Acquisition Date 1 October1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.027
A stage play focusing on the stormy love affair between Maud Gonne, the fiery Anglo-Irish revolutionary and W.B. Yeats, one of Ireland's great poets. Maud's zeal to improve the lot of the simple peasant fuels Yeat's romantic vision. Against the backdrop of impending revolt, their clash embraces both art and politics. Despite conflicting strategies and physical estrangement, these two giants of 20th Century Ireland remain inextricably bound.
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Love Is Love

Beatrice Kalver
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #116
Acquisition Date 3 October 1990
Love: LOV 1990.014
Twenty six short stories, self-published by the author. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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In Search of Missing Socks

Karen Wood
(Big Bear Lake, CA, USA)
MS #117
Acquisition Date 4 October 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.009
Ever wonder what might happen if news magazine shows like 60 Minutes, 20/20, and Geraldo Rivera Specials investigated everyday mysteries like missing socks? So do I, and here's my comic contemplation. This is intended to be read as a tribute to, and spoof of, the best and most exciting in investigative journalism.
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Ninety Years

Ivis E. Scales
(Cornish, NH, USA)
MS #118
Acquisition Date 5 October 1990
Family: FAM 1990.009
The life and times of a Vermont woman of ninety years.
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Columns, Clocks and Stars: The Collected Poems of a Sometimes Poet

Katherine Dimma
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #119
Acquisition Date 9 October 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.014
These twenty-seven poems can best be summed up as describing a "sad but beautiful world," although the poems spring from different approaches depending on the weather when pen was put to paper. Some, like the philosophy of "Occam's Razor," attempt to extract the central kernel from the chaff; simple, and precise. Others, less direct, use irony as the central device, cloaking a certain poignancy with humor. Still others, owing a tip of the hat to William S. Burrough's cut up method, experiment with meaning for visceral effect.
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The Bed

Madelyne Winkelman
(Wichita, KS, USA)
MS #120
Acquisition Date 9 October 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.010
No synopsis provided.
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Childhood Memories of Word War II

Eva Rappart Edmands
(Lawrence, KS, USA)
MS #121
Acquisition Date 11 October 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.028
Born in Vienna, Austria, Eva Rappart Edmands was eight years old when the Anschluss shattered her secure and comfortable Jewish household. During the following years, as they emigrated to France and fled Nazi persecution, Eva and her parents lost everything. They lived in cellars, learned the pure joy of a three-potato gift, and lived with the constant fear of discovery and deportation. They also learned the value of friendship and human love.
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Reflections of a Quiet Man

Malcolm V. Collier
(Wichita, KS, USA)
MS #122
Acquisition Date 12 October 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.023
This is a collection of short stories written by my father, Malcolm V. Collier, during the nineteen-forties and fifties, primarily about small town America and its generally unsophisticated citizens. Following his death in September, 1985, the manuscripts were gathered by my wife, Jeanne, and I did some very minor editing. Except for "No Retreat" (written in 1942), the themes and characters are highly reminiscent of the people, locales, and attitudes that I remember as a boy, growing up in upstate New York and in New England, observing my father through eyes of awe and melancholy, always sensing a host of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations in him. Preparing these stories for printing exposed him to be a more sensitive, passionate man with far greater capacity for love than he was comfortable demonstrating during his lifetime. (E.M. Collier, 1990)
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October 6, 1990

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #123
Acquisition Date 13 October 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.013
Every year, when October 6 arrives, I make my annual visit to the maternity wing of the Salem Hospital, Salem, Massachusetts, to see a new born baby. I ask myself the questions, "How did this birth come about?" "What is the Long Range Effect?" and "What is the significance of any birth?" Then I spend the rest of the year trying to answer these questions.
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Did She Leave Me Any Money?

Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby
(Aberdeen, WA, USA)
MS #124
Acquisition Date 26 October 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.011
The late Travis Duncan, an unusual thirty seven-year-old woman, bequeathes an estate worth over $23,000,000 to her ex-lovers. Her will stipulates that these men must meet for one night and answer one question. The man who answers the question correctly, wins. The question is: What do they all have in common?
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From The Spirit of '76 and Other Thoughts

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #125
Acquisition Date 26 October 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.014
The Spirit of '76 is a famous painting hanging in the town hall of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Just as there are thoughts that cross our minds during our lifetime, I have given the central character in this painting the capacity to develop thoughts. In the first essay, From the Sprit of '76, I am looking at the world from his point of view, to visualize the thoughts that this person might have toward the visitors. In the other essays, I have also tried to look at each subject from a point of view that is different from the normal perspective.
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Steve Rutz
(Palm Harbor, FL, USA)
MS #126
Acquisition Date 26 October 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.029
A fifty-six page letter from my great grandson who is intrigued by the study of our era and possesses the delicate talent of communicating with our generation in the form of this letter. While the result of our behavior seems to teter on disaster, he is quite understanding and encouraging in his descriptive account of how our descendants remember us. The year 2131 by contrast, is a time when the virtues of peace, love, and understanding are shared by all of Earth's inhabitants.
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The Promotion

Bud Boudreau
(Clinton, MD, USA)
MS #127
Acquisition Date 26 October 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.030.A-B
Gary Gleason is up for promotion to replace his boss, who is retiring. Grooming for the promotion notwithstanding, the promotion isn't automatic. Office politics, laws, and politics all have a say in his destiny.
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The Three Aspects of Time

R. J. Heale
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #128
Acquisition Date 31 October 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.015
The only way to truly understand our planet Earth is to stand back and study what is happening on it from a distant point of view, to study objectively what is physically taking place on its surface over Time. I have done this and I have here recorded some of the observations I have made.
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Moon Harvest

E.J. Nickson
(North Yorkshire, UK W3)
MS #129
Acquisition Date 2 November 1990
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1990.031
Atlantis sank beneath the waves in a single day and night, destroyed by an asteroid striking the Earth. But supposing that had not happened, that the calamity had been only postponed, and that Atlantis had survived to become the present-day dominant world power? The world today would have been both a familiar and yet very different place. This scene is painted by an adventure story which, while grappling with the race to save civilization from destruction, gives ample scope for exploring a diversity of socialogical, theological, scientific and even linguistic byways.
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Ruth M. Sprague
(South Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #130
Acquisition Date 6 November 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.024
A musical play about Ethan Allen and set in the time of the Revolutionary War and Vermont's struggles to become one of the states. It tells of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to maintain their freedom and homes.
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Tales of We Three

Ralph P. Sbraccia
(Browns Mills, NJ, USA)
MS #131
Acquisition Date 10 November 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.008
A collection of short stories about God, His Son, and the rest of their family, us. Although he's a Christian, the writer does not belong to any denomination and is not a "church goer." In fact, to be perfectly honest with you, the writer is completely turned off by what organized religion has done to the true meaning of Christianity. This book attempts to show the true nature of God, Jesus, and us in very simple, human terms.
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Den of the Cockatrice

Susan Lyn Lummis
(Lahaska, PA, USA)
MS #132
Acquisition Date 10 November 1990
Love: LOV 1990.015
The story of three females, illustrating the power women possess; how they use it constructively or destructively; and the belief systems which prevent them from living fulfilling lives. NOTE: Contains frequent and unabashed sexuality.
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To There Be It Not

Marshall Motz
(Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
MS #133
Acquisition Date 13 November 1990
Spirituality: SPI 1990.009.A-B
Virgil Hunt, aging perpetual student, comes to Santa Cruz, in the early seventies, to pursue a doctoral degree in "History of Consciousness." He is seduced by the city itself, a bizarre and completely unique place where the sixties somehow still survive, and he falls in with a group of middle-aged malcontents who live in the infamous St. George Hotel, on the colorful Pacific Garden Mall. Together they search for the "Total Truth," both on the Mall and at the newly created and innovative experimental campus on a nearby hill. Virgil comes to identify completely with these zanies as they come increasingly to feel pressure from the local police and the intimidated merchants. The whole experiment, like a great illusion, seems to die as the book ends in the earthquake of '89, and the Mall itself lies buried beneath the rubble.
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Why Life Cannot Exist on the other Planets

R. J. Heale
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #134
Acquisition Date 16 November 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.016
In order to understand why life cannot exist on the other planets, we need to determine how life exists on our own planet. Therefore, we need to study life on Earth from an overall planetary perspective.
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The Bruckner Versions

Felix G. Arnstein
(West Orange, NJ, USA)
MS #135
Acquisition Date 16 November 1990
All The Rest: ALL 1990.025
Anton Bruckner, composer, teacher, organist, is dying. His young disciples Hugo Wolf and Gustav Mahler do not want to let go of him: they feel he represents a sort of adoptive father to them and much more, something intangible without which both feel their respective careers would be cut short at their very start. As for Bruckner himself, someone is trying to 'improve' his symphonies. Who? Why? Will Bruckner discover all? Will wolf and Mahler succeed in preventing Bruckner from dying? And what about the Eternal Mistress...?
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Scenes Along the Way

Judith A. Jelinger
(Ann Arbor, MI, USA)
MS #136
Acquisition Date 19 November 1990
Meaning of Life: MEA 1990.001
This narrative describes the way one particular woman's soul has experienced reincarnation. There are attempts to understand hidden motives and purposes and their results on the human scene. It may offer the reader a little understanding of the phenomenon of reincarnation. The first 'life' examined was quite dramatic and, if you can accept it as historical fact, it might tell you how the stones at Stonehenge got so disarranged and upset. The following episodes, more or less interesting, lead to a final memory that I can only call a treasure.
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Theories of Father

Andrew Colameco
(Wolcott, VT, USA)
MS #137
Acquisition Date 20 November 1990
Humor: HUM 1990.012
This is a video-image-script-novel. Narrated by a house fly, with help from Ed Sullivan. On assignment from the powers that be, the little buzzer* is sent to observe the middle aged, orphaned from birth Julian Christenson. Christenson's preoccupation with the discovery of his real parents mingles with his ongoing research on the effect of consciousness on physical reality. His misuse of a Department of Defense grant gets him into trouble with the FBI. But is is his occasional glimmering of insight into the true nature of things that gets the attention of the flies! *Diptera (Schizophora) Musca domestica
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Bidwell Moore
(McLean, VA, USA)
MS #138
Acquisition Date 26 November 1990
Adventure: ADV 1990.002.A-B
From the depths of a four thousand-year-old tomb, an eerily potent Anubis, guardian god of deceased pharaohs, broods protectively over the Thirteenth Dynasty King Ra-Hetep's last resting place. The preface (1807 BC) establishes the novel's background and premise. The story opens with a visit by Craterus, a wily Greek entrepreneur, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a meeting with a beautiful Egyptologist Sophia Thearkas. Curt Savage, the entrepreneur's charter boat captain, will shepherd Craterus' illegal arms shipment across the Med and join the dangerous search for Ra-Hetep's tomb as Sophia's protector.
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Janet Picquet Clark
(Kirkwood, MO, USA)
MS #139
Acquisition Date 3 December 1990
Family: FAM 1990.010
Growing up between two World Wars; the way my world appeared to me during those years, plus a brief family history.
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Some Observations about the World We Live In

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #140
Acquisition Date 6 December 1990
Natural World: NAT 1990.017
The point of view from which any subject is approached is critical to the way we see the world. These essays are my observations on some common topics which give a different aspect to the subject.
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The Chateau Victorian Story & Other Stories

E. B. Whitney
(Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
MS #141
Acquisition Date 12 December 1990
Street Life: STR 1990.004
Although this story is fiction, it is, within the realm of writer's license, historical fiction. That is, it is based on certain facts of history. In the Collected Works, E.B. Whitney gives us the stories, written to date, while visiting the Santa Cruz area. He stayed, during these visits at Chateau Victorian, a Bed and Breakfast Inn, and wrote most of them on the grounds of the Inn. Whitney kept a journal during this time, and added to it while walking on the beach and along the cliffs overlooking the surfers.
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Points North and South

Kate McNairy
(Lake George, NY, USA)
MS #142
Acquisition Date 20 December 1990
Love: LOV 1990.016
I am interested in the influence of place and family on a character and the moments when a character becomes aware of the power of that force. Is it possible for a person to break repeating cycles within a family, not substituting one habit for another, but making a profound change at the core of one's being? I'm not sure.
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A Life Without Porpoise

Ray Sikorski
(Bozeman, MT, USA)
MS #143
Acquisition Date 20 December 1990
Meaning of Life: MEA 1990.002
Somewhere in this collection of stories, plays, and whatnot lies the meaning of life. I don't know exactly where it is; if you find it please call me immediately and tell me what page it's on. It's a local call, 860-7218, so I don't think anyone would mind much if you use the phone behind the librarian's desk.
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Inherit the Median Strip

Laura Borealis
(Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
MS #144
Acquisition Date 24 December 1990
Poetry: POE 1990.015
I had to put all this writing together to be able to put behind me the hard relationships I had. As if, in a book, it could be a separate entity and walk out of my life. It celebrates the end of putting my feelings on paper instead of speaking out. Maybe if other people had similar experiences the pain will diffuse into a million souls. Then I can be open to more happiness.
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Manuscripts 1991

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 96
Missing manuscripts = 3 (#156 POE 1991.004; #173 ALL 1991.006; #210 ALL 1991.014)
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 93

Peter Prestwick and the Shadow

Felix G. Arnstein
(West Orange, NJ, USA)
MS #145
Acquisition Date 1 January 1991
Humor: HUM 1991.001
A novel for young readers of all ages about a child who happens to be a boy, and some of the (certainly to him) very thrilling adventures in which he becomes involved.
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Calendar Time and the Physical Meaning of Life

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #146
Acquisition Date 1 January 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.001
This book is a brief study of the physical meaning of life on the planet Earth and in the universe. But this study is different than all others. Why? First, I am looking at life from an overall perspective. Second, I am asking very different questions than those that have been asked previously by others. As a result, I have concluded that every calendar date has a physical meaning relative to life.
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Noah's Moon

Russell Earnest Hicks
(Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
MS #147
Acquisition Date 3 January 1991
War & Peace: WAR 1991.001
A nuclear war novel that portrays about fifty scientists and administrators in a detente project on the moon. The NATO and Soviet's of the project become friends and lovers who resist pressure from their sponsoring nations to take sides in a nuclear was that has developed on Earth. They become self sufficient on the moon and witness the gradual devastation of life forms on the war poisoned Earth. Communication with Earth is silenced and the moon's people spend a twenty eight year half-life exploring necessary social behavior for peace before returning their progeny to repopulate Earth.
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The Quadra Zone

William Nilson
(So. Portland, ME, USA)
MS #148
Acquisition Date 4 January 1991
Future: FUT 1991.001
The year is 2016, and the United States has four manned space stations in orbit around the earth. Unusual signals from deep space are detected and translated by these stations and their ground support facilities. The crews find themselves witness to a space battle that happened 350 years ago. As they listen and follow the combat action, residents of the earth learn that life, both good and evil, does exist out among the stars, in The Quadra Zone.
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No Common Thread

Christopher Buckley
(Plymouth, NH, USA)
MS #149
Acquisition Date 7 January 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.001
A collection of seven short stories. Though unrelated to one another, they deal primarily with the financially and emotionally downtrodden, and their separate and ultimate discoveries of the way the world around them really functions.
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A Shoebox to Hold the Unknown

D. Wayne Bissonette
(Flint, MI, USA)
MS #150
Acquisition Date 15 January 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.001
This work is a new avenue for me as an amateur writer. I've written humor exclusively before this attempt at poetry. My past works have been nothing more than a waste of good paper and time. My latest work, however, holds some promise.
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Hormones; If I Don't Have A Lover, I Make One Up

Carla A. Schwartz
(Gainesville, FL, USA)
MS #151
Acquisition Date 15 January 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.002
This book is actually two books in one. The first, "Hormones", was written while I was living in Louvain-la Neuve, Belgium, and Newcastle, Australia, each for a period of six months, beginning September 1989. The poems have a regional flavor, and can mostly be categorized as love poems, political poems, or both. The poems in this collection have been read to audiences in Newcastle, NSW, and Maitland, NSW, Australia. The response I received was so terrific, I decided to collect them in a book.
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The Other Voice of America

Roland Van Zandt
(Shandaken, NY, USA)
MS #152
Acquisition Date 15 January 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.001.A-B
A book of quotations that evokes the history of dissent in America from the founding to the present. The book contains approximately 2,000 quotations from 375 different spokesmen. Its purpose is to help supplant the official textbook version of American history. Howard Zinn has characterized the work as "a treasury of statements and insights from people famous and unknown, and it adds up to a powerful commentary on American civilization."
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Like Father, Like Son

Betty B. Corbin
(Frankfort, KY, USA)
MS #153
Acquisition Date 15 January 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.001
Marcus Eddy, a raw-boned Dutchman rises to financial heights through forty years in the cooperage trade. Marcus is conned into being senselessly blackmailed by a former classmate. Marcus' amateurish attempts to dispose of his blackmailer lands him in a number of humorous overreactions. However, when his beloved son walks off with the attache that is intended for his father's blackmailer, Marcus takes plight in pursuit, hoping to intercept his son before the attache is opened, which is set to explode upon opening. The story ends on a twist of fate.
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Come Laugh and Cry with Me

Thomas K. Withey
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)
MS #154
Acquisition Date 16 January 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.003
"The Journey," "I Hear A Distant Drum," "Strangers," and other poems.
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Three Humologies

Myrrh Nisan
(Elk Grove, CA, USA)
MS #155
Acquisition Date 17 January 1991
Spirituality: SPI 1991.001
This is my way of sharing with you than which I find funny and contrary in America. I seek the meaning in my relationships with other humans, and I call my study "Humology." The lessons I learn and conclusions I draw, I put into story form and call "humologies". Happy reading. —M.N.
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Haiku Immigratus

Charles Keppel
(Albany, CA, USA)
MS #156
Acquisition Date 28 January 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.004
I am 84 years old, born in Brooklyn. I have been in California since 1930, so I feel nostalgic about both places in those early days. My feeling is that academics will tend to dismiss what I do as simple to the point of being sub-literary. I think of my things as Simplex. Over 10,000 poems in all; good, bad and indifferent, but someday the good ones, the "hard core" will make it (after this Age of Excess) in a big way. Decisions, decisions! Whether to become a household mom or a cult figure. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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Trivia, Tragedy, and Trifles

Robert L. Johnson
(Morris, MN, USA)
MS #157
Acquisition Date 29 January 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.002
Within the pages of this book, you will find a vast variety of very short little accounts of humor, tragedy and trifles that occurred from the early 1860s to the 1940s. Much of the book is researched through the local public library in Graceville, Minnesota, but there are also a number of personal interviews with local people of the area. Most of the excerpts are from all over the world, but were printed in the Graceville Transcript or the Graceville Transcript Democrat. It is hoped that it will keep you interested in early history and happenings. RLJ.
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Happy Jack and the Wooden Duck

Dick Tillotson
(Kingston, MA, USA)
MS #158
Acquisition Date 20 January 1991
Family: FAM 1991.001
A story about a man with a magical talent. His talent brings happiness and fantasy to young children. This fantasy is every child's dream of their toys coming alive and being real.
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Robert's Book: A Beginning . . .

Robert N. Cutting (submitted by Millie Maffei)
(Cambridge, MA, USA)
MS #159
Acquisition Date 5 February 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.005
This is Robert's book. It is a collection of selected poetry and prose by my friend, Robert Cutting, who died with AIDS on August 15, 1990. We were dear friends, confidants, and accomplices in life for more than twenty-five years. In a sense, this continues. Robert left me his words, and I leave them for you, here. Robert's prose is fiction distilled from his young blonde life. Robert's poetry is wisdom distilled from his fine blonde life. — Millie Maffei, February 1991
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Thirty Centuries

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #160
Acquisition Date 20 February 1991
Natural World: NAT 1991.001
One of the most difficult concepts to understand is the physical meaning of numbers that reference Time. What do you mean when you write the number 1991? What should go through your mind whenever you see the terms 1000 B.C. or 9th-13th Century or a 600 year span? What do the words Thirty Centuries mean?
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Fuck God/Slash Satan

Ed McPhillips
(Bronx, NY, USA)
MS #161
Acquisition Date 22 February 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.006
In the middle ages the Earth was at the center of the universe and Hell was at the center of the Earth; therefore God and Satan are one.
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My Victory

Richard Michael Pitoni
(Titusville, FL, USA)
MS #162
Acquisition Date 22 February 1991
Love: LOV 1991.001
A young rejected sensitive boy lost in a large family in the 1950s camouflages himself in public and writes all that's in his heart on paper. Totally untaught, he fights to learn of life's joys. Through many painful moments, his poems become his best friends. He feels on paper the loss of his grandmother; raising a child on his own; the great pain of divorce and broken relationships; the wonder of life; the power of God and his delightful discovery of people who love him. From age fifteen to forty six, a collection of the agony and ecstasy of his life. So he lifts up his hands in victory and offers to the public the prizes of his life.
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Dear James

William Marquess
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #163
Acquisition Date 1 March 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.003
A youngish man arrives in Paris on a graduate fellowship that he neglects in favor of street music, strange liaisons, and writing the letters that comprise this book.
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Sudhira, or the Porch of Spirits

Joe Darwin Palmer
(Abercorn, Quebec, Canada)
MS #164
Acquisition Date 9 March 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.002
This is the more-or-less true story of experiences of an American professor in Thailand during the Vietnam war. It is a sort of contact literature in which the cultural differences between the worlds of an educated, conservative Westerner and those of a traditional Buddist society are highlighted. Much of the story is absolutely true. Ruell Denny, professor of literature at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii, tried to get it published, to no avail. To those who have tasted that other, Buddhist world, it may provide some good memories and comfort. Part two was published as part of a Festschrift for Momluang (Princess) Boonlua Debyasuvarn in Paasaa (language teaching in Thailand) in 1989. The author is a Knight Templar.
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Chaco, Sheriff of Lordsburg

Fred Edward Schmidt
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)
MS #165
Acquisition Date 27 March 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.002.A-B
The story begins with the sojurn of the hero, Chaco, to Lordsburg, New Mexico where he encounters ambushes, cattle drives, gamblers, shootouts, and love. In Lordsburg, Chaco must deal with a town divided about status quo. He expects to assume the duties of sheriff, but the city fathers expect him to do their bidding. Chaco must prove that the banker is bilking mortgagees out of their property and that he is in cahoots with the comancheros, a band of outlaws, led by the renegade half-breed, Darkhorse. In the climactic scene, tracking the villainous Darkhorse, Chaco endures a long violent battle against the renegade before all wrongs are avenged.
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Venting Spleen: Hurled Invective

Nickelous Oxalate
(La Grange, IL, USA)
MS #166
Acquisition Date 27 March 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.007
These poems issue forth from the bad humors of the body. That is how they issued forth, and the reader's gut will rumble with bile while reading this kind of poetry. We should never apologize for our foul thoughts, nor water down our piss and vinegar. As many have said, "Anger is an energy."
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The Ongoing Condition of the Universe

Albert E. Helzner
(Marblehead, MA, USA)
MS #167
Acquisition Date 29 March 1991
Natural World: NAT 1991.002
The ongoing condition of the universe is that it is changing. Since our planet Earth is a subset of the universe, the changes taking place on our own planet and the changes going on in space give us the total changes taking place in the universe. The primary change is the overall process of birth, the creation of a new life. In his Theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin proved that every form of life is derived from some previous form. In the Grand Unified Theory for Life, I am trying to prove that not only is every form derived from some previous form, but every life is also composed of some previous life that existed.
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Poems from the Heart

Jean E. Poulin
(Essex Junction, VT, USA)
MS #168
Acquisition Date 29 March 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.008
These poems were written at various stages of my life and they are an expression of emotions I've experienced.
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Dakota Dream

Lucia Morse Rimbach
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #169
Acquisition Date 4 April 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.009
A collection of poetry by the late Lucia Morse Rimbach (1889-1983). Submitted by Stefan Van Norden.
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Women with Funny Haircuts and Men Who Make Fun of Them

Jane Juska's Class (various)
(Concord, CA, USA)
MS #170
Acquisition Date 4 April 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.004
A collection of poetry and prose by a high school class in California taught by Ms. Jane Juska.
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A Version of Life

Richard Grayson
(Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)
MS #171
Acquisition Date 4 April 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.005
This is taken from my diaries, one entry for each month from August 1969, when I was eighteen and about to start college after spending a year in my room due to agoraphobia, to July 1981, when I was thirty, an author of a commercially published book of short stories and a college instructor.
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Reflections in Poetry

Harriet D. White
(Columbus, NJ, USA)
MS #172
Acquisition Date 5 April 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.010
A collection of poetry.
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Once Upon a Wishing Tree

Jamie M. Bays
(Albany, GA, USA)
MS #173
Acquisition Date 16 April 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.006
For a few years of my life, I had the great privilege of living in this world that exists in my story. It was absolutely incredible. I long for those days now. Those days that, as others, are lost to the past. My dreams are constantly of those days filled with wild honeysuckle and jasmine, old farm houses covered over with wisteria and bright pink crepe myrtles lining the old driveways. A pang runs through my heart because I know my young loved ones will never know of this ecstasy but only through my story. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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The Event Horizon

Kennedy Gammage
(La Jolla, CA, USA)
MS #174
Acquisition Date 19 April 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.011
This book of poems is named after the mysterious cosmological boundary of a black hole. Inside the event horizon, no light may escape; gravitational effects increase inward towards the singularity, where space time is infinitely warped, while outside the event horizon is the universe in which we live. In these poems I have tried to use the scientific findings of physics and astronomy as metaphors for our own inner explorations. I hope you find them interesting.
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The Bloodstained Trail to Vengeance

J.E. Phillips
(Longview, WA, USA)
MS #175
Acquisition Date 24 April 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.003
The year is 1859; the place an isolated ranch in Utah territory where fifteen-year-old Chip Marston sees his father gunned down by three hard cases, and then is forced to go with his half-deranged mother in pursuit of them. The trail leads to Arizona, where she dies of a wound sustained in a shootout with one of the gang. After numerous adventures, including panning for gold on the Gila River and an encounter with a Yaqui Lady of the evening, Chip completes his grim mission and heads back to Utah, mature beyond his years. As he jogs north on his black stallion, saddlebags stuffed with gold and dreams of the sweetheart he left behind clouding his mind, Chip suddenly realizes he is being followed. One of the long-riders had a twin brother, and now the hunter has become the hunted!
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Summit Day

Paul R. Criton
(West Chester, PA, USA)
MS #176
Acquisition Date 26 April 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.003
A recounting of events of historical (and not-so-historical) significance from December 8, 1987, as experienced by one person somewhere in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Also explores the genesis and development of an extraordinary friendship.
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Seven Cities of Gold, Part One

Thomas K. Withey
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)
MS #177
Acquisition Date 25 April 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.012
People have looked the world over for their legendary Cities of Gold. I grew up, was educated, found my love and have lived my life in my seven Cities of Gold. If I seem overly critical it is only with the love one feels for a child one wishes would aspire to greater heights. I will no doubt die in one of these Cities of Gold, but Oh have I lived in each of these Cities of Gold.
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Woman Cry Poetry

Alice McKay
(Eden, VT, USA)
MS #178
Acquisition Date 1 June 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.013
This collection includes both verse and prose poetry. The collection touches many aspects of womanhood: love, children, death, socioeconomic structure and faith.
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Crystal Star

A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #179
Acquisition Date 1 June 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.002
In this stage, a young American journalist confronts grief and horror as she witnesses the deep spiritual struggle between a shadowy rabbi and a fugitive ex-Nazi. Why was a young Jewish girl, the beloved of both those men, mutilated in a patch of woods years before?
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A Younger Earth

A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #180
Acquisition Date 1 June 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.003
In this novel, two willful men conduct a private duel in the confluence of high finance, politics and syndicated crime. This piece also deals with such philosophical topics as destiny and love of destiny. Naturally, the subjects of infidelity and murder raise their fascinating heads.
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Impressions of Paul

Paul R. Mobley
(Cynthiana, KY, USA)
MS #181
Acquisition Date 8 June 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.004
This is not a theological book, but it is a characterization of the personal traits which helped to make the Apostle successful. It will surprise many readers, and inform all, for there is no known book on the market like it. Thus, it presents a role model for all aspects of a person's life, personal, professional and otherwise.
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Poems Sprinkled with Nature and Love

Edythe Ruch
(Greenwich, CT, USA)
MS #182
Acquisition Date 15 June 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.014
My work is a collection of thirty-two poems that reflect the wonder, beauty and awe of art and music in nature. How are inner selves speak to us, showing our happiness that smiles from the inside out, via other people or someone special. A choice few are a potpourri of fun, wonder and inner reflections of myself throughout my lifetime.
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The Promise and the Plan: Operation Phoenix

Herbert H. Eveloff
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)
MS #183
Acquisition Date 20 June 1991
War & Peace: WAR 1991.002
This is a novel based on a true story taken from the psychiatrist-author's own files. It is a novel of strident, conflicted emotions, of vengeance and healing, of love and hate. It is a tale of high adventure played out against the backdrop of pre and post World War II Germany. But this is not a holocaust novel. Rather, the central themes are universal and could be unraveled anywhere as well as in an obscure German village.
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Henry Miller's Tropic Trail

Jerry B. Riseley
(Sepulveda, CA, USA)
MS #184
Acquisition Date 22 June 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.007.A-B
In 1962 pornography prosecutions were popular in Los Angeles, California. Prosecuting Attorney Roger Arnebergh courted fame. Grove Press decided to give it to him. They selected twice wounded Korean War Veteran Bradley Reed Smith, a book seller, to be Arnebergh's victim. Add to this Grove's selection of Mark Tumbleson, a lawyer someone at Grove had met at a cocktail party to defend the bookseller. Grove had to lose in the trial court. Prosecuting was Edward George, the top prosecuting attorney in Arneburgh's office. Assigned for trial to former court clerk Kenneth Holaday there was a verdict of "guilty," and a 30-day jail sentence. The United States Supreme Court upset the whole thing!
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Ah, Camping in Vermont

Peg Thornton
(New London, NH, USA)
MS #185
Acquisition Date 22 June 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.008
Some memories of going away to camp in 1929 in Vermont.
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One God's Gift

Kathy and Terry Niver
(Omaha, NE, USA)
MS #186
Acquisition Date 22 June 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.004
A somewhat unique work in which the authors vivify the archetype of Apollo via the mechanism of a treasure hunt based on a past life experience. There's lots of sex. There are dilemmas, colorful characters, incredible scenery and a fairy tale quality to their experience of a faraway Grecian wonderland. In the end the reader is left with thoughts on which to meditate.
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Cabin Fever

Nan Weizenbaum
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
MS #187
Acquisition Date 2 July 1991
Natural World: NAT 1991.003
Aurora Goldstein lives in a pickers' cabin in the northwestern part of the United States near the ersatz Bavarian village of Shanksford. It is winter and the snow bound inhabitants of the valley are struggling to maintain themselves against the brutal dictates of the weather and the white tedium. The environment is overwhelming, and the people, their concerns and complicated affairs notwithstanding, are minuscule in comparison. In this novel humans' insignificance in nature, their limitations as animals, and the belief that history is malleable all contribute to the characters' inability to discern causality.
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Lois and Alfred

Nick Landacre
(New Hope, PA, USA)
MS #188
Acquisition Date 13 July 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.005
An anatomy of beliefs and delusions. Prejudice rules; not law, not justice. Human beings are what they believe.
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Poor Woman Prayers & Scriptures Book

Mary Sue E. Brown
(Bluefield, WV, USA)
MS #189
Acquisition Date 13 July 1991
Spirituality: SPI 1991.002
A practical book of prayer for everyday life.
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Paralee Amanda Dewyer Graham
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)
MS #190
Acquisition Date 18 July 1991
Family: FAM 1991.002
This is my autobiography. An era of American history from 1910 through 1991 in which I lived. It is my personal story starting from a homestead in Colorado, as a young girl in a very young San Francisco in the Roaring 1920's. I tell about my experiences in raising five children during the depression years and how my life has grown in eighty-one years.
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The Legion of Shadows

Tomas J. Beary
(Derby Line, VT, USA)
MS #191
Acquisition Date 18 July 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.004.A-B
This novel follows the ill-fated Narvaez Expedition from its beach-head near Tampa Bay in 1528 to its termination in northern Mexico in 1536, with only four survivors. But these four men, and the cabelleros and missionaries who did not survive, were undoubtedly the first Europeans to cross this country, to gauge its vastness, know its people as they really were. Were they awfully lucky, or did Divine Providence have a hand in their survival? Just in time for the Columbus Quinquacentennial!
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The White Years

H.G. Bird
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
MS #192
Acquisition Date 18 July 1991
Future: FUT 1991.002
In the year 2002 the world came to an abrupt end as we know it. Through years of effort a few surviving children united to a future hope in a new world.
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Jism Noir

Jack Saunders
(Parker, FL, USA)
MS #193
Acquisition Date 18 July 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.006
Begins as a science fiction novel (or a mystery, or a novella), and becomes progressively more conventional, and more autobiographical, as it works its way backward in time. It's about a writer's struggle to be grateful for what he has and live in the moment he is in, even though he can't sell what he writes and he keeps losing jobs for writing several books a year. He's been at it 20 years now, publishing what he can himself, and giving it away. He considers himself in the main stream of American writing, in the tradition of Thoreau and Whitman, Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac. And Richard Brautigan.
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Straight, No Chaser

Kirsten Weinoldt
(West Boylston, MA, USA)
MS #194
Acquisition Date 30 July 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.009
Brian Marcus, black American who lives in Germany and works as a detective in Hamburg, finds a body on the ferry from Denmark. It is the start of a bizarre case which takes him and his partner, Herbert, to the United States and involves them in an international conspiracy. In the process their friendship is tested, and Brian comes face to face with his own past which has been haunting him for years.
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Diary of a Non

D. Wayne Bissonette
(Flint, MI, USA)
MS #195
Acquisition Date 30 July 1991
Humor: HUM 1991.002
If Charlie Brown were to become a rooftop sniper this would be his tale. This is undoubtedly the most sick, ridiculously perverted piece of work I've ever written. Enjoy!
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Richard Grayson
(Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)
MS #196
Acquisition Date 30 July 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.010
The author's diary entries, one for each month, for the period between August 1981 and July 1991.
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Jan Young
(Irvine, CA, USA)
MS #197
Acquisition Date 30 July 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.011.A-C
A Southern California historical saga spanning the years 1886 to 1913 in three volumes.
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Seasons of an Unknown Artist

John P. Linstroth
(West Palm Beach, FL, USA)
MS #198
Acquisition Date 9 August 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.005.A-B
This is the story of a young painter who tries to find himself through his art in Spain.
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The Raftmen

Leon A. Robidoux
(Point-Claire, Quebec, Canada)
MS #199
Acquisition Date 9 August 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.012
This book is part of history. The two main entrepreneurs who prospered in Canada in the lumber industry were Americans by the name of D. D. Calvin and Philemon Wright. They both pioneered the rafting trade on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers.
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C Is for Caucasian

A. Alexander Stella
(Susquehanna, PA, USA)
MS #200
Acquisition Date 9 August 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.007
Within the structure of a play-within-a-play, a young woman well described as a Goody-Goody Two-Shoes forces a theatre production company to use "schvartze" in place of "the 'new trigger' word." The interior play shows how the unexpected comes to the aid of a middle-aged black man seeking a step up the occupational ladder.
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The Domino Alliance

Ronald N. Lawruk
(Nepean, Ontario, Canada)
MS #201
Acquisition Date 15 August 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.005
Iraq, Iran, and Libya concoct a plan to make the United States pay for imposing economic sanctions against them. Teams of terrorists are sent to America to enforce these plans. Meanwhile, an FBI agent discovers a camp in the mountains east of San Diego. He uncovers an entire network strung out across the U.S. and learns that the terrorists plan to attack military and government facilities during the U.S. elections. In Washington, he foils a terrorist attack on the Secretary of State and reveals the mastermind, a German-born American oil magnate who wants to gain control of the Middle East market.
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Kedds Filbert
(Boca Raton, FL, USA)
MS #202
Acquisition Date 16 August 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.006
This book is about a clash of purposes. It is an action-oriented story with satirical overtones, designed to convince the reader that cooperation is usually the best solution. "Meer" (Russian for World) takes place six months after the Last Revolution toppled the evil no-named dictates of a potato-chip shaped island (Meer). Two factions fight each other for control, as several colorful characters with unusual backgrounds join the melee. Each person has his own objective in mind when crazed homicidal maniacs attack the island, only to be fought off by black-hole aliens protecting their 300-year-old crop of gumtip! The end (like the story) is a surprise.
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The Birth of the Modern Independent Political Movement: The '76 McCarthy Presidential Campaign

Gary De Carolis
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #203
Acquisition Date 24 August 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.008
Written one month after the 1976 Presidential Election, this book is one person's account of the Independent Presidential Bid of Eugene McCarthy. The Author's seven month, fourteen state, and 13,000 mile travels as a national staff person for the McCarthy '76 Campaign served as a backdrop for this fascinating look at presidential politics. Also detailed in this book is a prescription for preparing for further Independent presidential bids. The roles of key campaign staff and potential strategies that succeeded and failed are outlined. Further the 1976/1980 campaign election laws for Independent candidates and minority parties are outlined for all fifty states.
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The Relativity Retreat

Andrew Colameco
(Wolcott, VT, USA)
MS #204
Acquisition Date 24 August 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.009
A small cabin in Northern Vermont. A retreat. An exile. Home to the occasional physical presence of Peter Simmons, a bitter sweet magician. A permanent collection of his memories. Letters. Postcards. Ramblings. A few jazz tapes. These memorabilia come to life when the cabin receives an unexpected guest.
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Pursuit of Trivia

Jean F. Schulz
(Santa Rosa, CA, USA)
MS #205
Acquisition Date 24 August 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.010
A simplified form of (mostly western) history interspersed with some poetry and art of the period. The two original copies have full color art work.
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A Trip to Happiness

Anna T. Smith
(Sunderland, MA, USA)
MS #206
Acquisition Date 12 September 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.011
Anna T. Smith was born in Czechoslovakia in 1934, four years before the Nazis took over that country and she left for Germany with her parents in 1946, when the Communists started to take over her country. This is the story of her life in Czechoslovakia and Germany, where she met her American husband, until her last child leaves home to go away to college.
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Roar Shock

Stafford Meeker
(Abington, MA, USA)
MS #207
Acquisition Date 12 September 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.013
The metaphorical evolution of a writer's mind. Or, to caution the unwary tenderfoot, I might simply call it a vulgar, humorous, religious, sci-fi book of entertainment.
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The Deadly Sea

Gilbert Dean
(San Lorenzo, CA, USA)
MS #208
Acquisition Date 12 September 1991
War & Peace: WAR 1991.003
During World War II slow ore ships carried bauxite ore from the Giuanas to Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was a deadly four-day voyage. Largely ignored by historians, the bauxite shuttle ranks as one of the most costly battlegrounds of the conflict. Estimates from area shipping offices and Naval archives are that during 1942-1943 some one hundred thirty carriers were sunk with a loss of more than 1800 men. In July 1942 alone, U-boats sank nineteen of twenty five ore ships attempting the run. The Deadly Sea honors nameless men of all colors and nationalities who crewed the ships attempting to cross a killing sea of chance.
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The Bay of the Orphan

Genevieve Jacobs
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #209
Acquisition Date 12 September 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.006
An autobiographical account of sailing an 18' sloop from Miami to Australia to the Baie D'Orphelinat. The voyage includes death, marriage, birth and desertion, as well as obligatory calms and storms.
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The Great Writing Turn-On

June Kennedy
(Summit, NJ, USA)
MS #210
Acquisition Date 16 September 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.014
The spirit of self-image psychology sets the tone of this book. The book uses and relies on children's original writings rather that adult models to help children learn to write properly, so kids of various interest and ability levels are really writing their own literature. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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Ruth Pannell/Katherine Ace
(Oregon House, CA, USA)
MS #211
Acquisition Date 16 September 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.015
Poems and black-and-white graphics depicting a search for meaning which traverses the emotional universe from despair through curiosity, resentment, hope, romantic love, false understanding, to courage. Each of the twelve illustrations is accompanied by a thematically related sonnet. Smaller poems are interspersed between the sonnets as transitions. The ideas of William Blake have been influential to the work of both the poet and the illustrator.
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Venture to Turkey

Pauline Newcomer
(Menlo Park, CA, USA)
MS #212
Acquisition Date 16 September 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.012
This is a diary of letters written in 1959-1960 on a trip from New York to Paris and driving behind the "iron curtain" countries to Istanbul and then to Ankara. We lived on the Turkish economy without access to the PX. My husband served as a guest pathologist at the Ankara Hacettepi Children's Hospital and I wrote medical papers for doctors for publication in the British and American journals, and taught English to Turks. This was before the forming of the "Peace Corps."
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Youngblood's Pride

Robert W. Hazel
(St. Louis, MO, USA)
MS #213
Acquisition Date 18 September 1991
All The Rest: ALL 1991.015
Set in rural Tennessee midway between Nashville and Memphis, and narrated by Clayton Andrew Jackson, III, retired attorney, this is the story of Michael and Rachel Youngblood and their two children, Morgan and Ralph. YOUNGBLOOD'S PRIDE is a sort of Michael Hohlhaas. Youngblood reacts in an (ultimately) violent and vengeful manner to the persons and forces that threaten and then attack his family and his dreams, and in so doing he actually contributes to their fall; this is a story of familial pride gone wrong.
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Short Stories and Other Writings

Patrick W. McElhoes
(Blairsville, PA, USA)
MS #214
Acquisition Date 18 September 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.013
A compilation of writings spanning a two year period 1989-1991. Parts of the manuscript are meant to be quite serious. Other portions are to be read in a more humorous light. Writing for me, up until now, has always been a very private pursuit. Often, I feel or see things a certain way, that will move me to record the moment with written word. I am not an educated man, and am therefore reluctant to place manuscripts along side other works of perhaps a more talented and better schooled individual. However, what is writing if not the preservation of thought, and what good is preservation of anything, if it goes unshared.
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Extemporaneous Angels

Tomas J. Nolan
(Tacoma, WA, USA)
MS #215
Acquisition Date 18 September 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.016
This spellbinding metaphysical poetic work created by its author Thomas J. Nolan, contains a mesmerizing spiritual read into the realms of Angels as seen metaphorically into the flux of light somewhere in time. The ideas for the collection came from traveling around Europe as a student in 1973 and from continuous studies in Communications, Photography, and the Graphic Arts. It was written purely as an act of inspiration for all the wonders of architecture, music, and mysterious lives of all the people that we will never know and comprehend, but find a love for as human beings in an all too complicated world.
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The Snowden Scene 1884-1979

Louise Tyler Williams
(Big Island, VA, USA)
MS #216
Acquisition Date 19 September 1991
Family: FAM 1991.003
A tiny community just below the gorge of the James River in the Blue Mountains of Virginia, Snowden (misspelled) was christened SNOWDON by the Welsh natives in memory of "Home." They came from New York and Vermont to expand the slate quarry in this area, bringing many workers with them. Later, most of them went back "north" or moved on to Arvonia in Buckingham County, Virginia where other slate quarries were in operation, but a few settled here. This book traces the lives of the Williams family of that area, spanning a century of American history and lore.
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The Way of the Climber

Jim Eychaner
(Olympia, WA, USA)
MS #217
Acquisition Date 19 September 1991
Spirituality: SPI 1991.003.A-B
A desperately empty man finds renewal and purpose after a series of high-risk mountaineering experiences. Newly-found spiritual strengths turn into terrifying glimpses of alternative realities before a center is found within. The action is set in the Cascade Mountain Range of the Pacific Northwest.
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Latte Gold

Michael P. Molony
(Zephyrhills, FL, USA)
MS #218
Acquisition Date 4 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.007
Frustrated and feeling unappreciated, Steve Keys vacations on the island of Guam where he stumbles across the key to an ancient Spanish treasure. The search takes Steve and his new found comrades on a tour of Guam and it's cultural heritage while being pursued by their vicious antagonist. The race is on to locate and exchange the treasure without getting killed. Steve finds love in the process and an appreciation for the local legends.
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Little Italian Novel

Pat Angelo
(Edinboro, PA, USA)
MS #219
Acquisition Date 8 October 1991
Family: FAM 1991.004
The autobiography of a failed prodigy. The narrator is a boy-genius who would serve his family by his gifts as a classical guitarist but rather distinguishes himself by his precocity of perceiving, revealing the truth about them as he is discovering the truth about not only his family but life and himself.
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Letter to My Grandchildren

Roy P. Muehlberger
(Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
MS #220
Acquisition Date 8 October 1991
Family: FAM 1991.005
Encouragement of living and unborn grandchildren to live their dreams, to belly-up to the banquet, the ticket being provided by work and the American experience. The example used being my attempt to live the American Dream.
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Uncle Jake and the One That Got Away

Conrad Hoover IV
(Takoma Park, MD, USA)
MS #221
Acquisition Date 8 October 1991
Humor: HUM 1991.003
A short story.
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Dark Glitter

Mary Elizabeth Fisher (Fallon)
(Pawcatuck, CT, USA)
MS #222
Acquisition Date 8 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.008
Who is he? His memory is lost. All he knows is that he was pulled from the wreckage of an automobile accident. There are only a few clues: his school I.D. card, an invitation to an exhibit, and threatening words spoken in his delirium, all of which could be the answers to his questions. Soon he becomes the target of a deadly conspiracy, the center of a maddening puzzle. As he struggles to recover his buried past, the amnesiac realizes he could inherit a priceless fortune or lose his life. And as the "Dark Glitter" of young David Brentwood's past is slowly revealed, the plot thickens until all is revealed.
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Mary Elizabeth Fisher (Fallon)
(Pawcatuck, CT, USA)
MS #223
Acquisition Date 10 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.009
Brad Ellington witnessed the murder of his older brother. The police, family and friends did not believe his testimony with no other proof. Nine years later his employer and ski instructor, Bill Parker, introduces him to Harry Poit. Brad recognizes Poit as Weider, the man who killed his brother. Afraid to hurt his family and friends, knowing no one would believe him, Brad remains silent. Attempts are made on his life and Brad knows Weider is after him. But what he doesn't know is that Cochrane, the mob leader who evaded the law at the death of his brother wants Brad to become the son he has lost. A man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, Cochrane does in a vicious, crazed way, or does he?
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Sterling Silver Cockroaches

Gerald X Diamond
(Seattle, WA, USA)
MS #224
Acquisition Date 10 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.010
A collection of bizarre tales in South America, the Dominican Republic, Sicily, France, the Far East, Alaska and the United States. The reader will sweat in foundries and steel mills, crawl through caves and mines, smell the gold, taste the coal, feel the sand and the sunset, sample Yak butter, shiver with snakes, romp through Peruvian mountains with Claude and Diane, stalk a tiger, make twelve billion dollars, land in jail, outwit a bear, swim inside a crystal, get eaten by dogs. If you like these adventures, watch for my next book, The Virgin Telephone.
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Pastoral Poet of Vermont: Walter Hard (1882-1966)

Peg Thornton
(New London, NH, USA)
MS #225
Acquisition Date 10 October 1991
Humor: HUM 1991.004
Walter Hard has been compared favorably with Robert Frost. Hard has a folksey, non-rhyming style of his own in which with humor and sensitivity he tells tales of his rural neighbors in the early 20th century. Selections of his work are included with permission from his son, Walter Hard, Jr.
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Voices and Echoes

Eric Wallace
(San Rafael, CA, USA)
MS #226
Acquisition Date 10 October 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.017
A selection of poetry. The meaning of the poem lies within the poem and the power of the unfinished statement carries the most weight, for the reader may fill in the gaps. In my poetry, I try never to sacrifice a line to rhyme and try as I may, I'm not always able to bring a fragrance to the flowering of the poem. By weathering, however, the climate of the mind, the dark side of the self is brought to light and the honey of the words sing new again.
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Stuart Chaulk
(Whitby, Ontario, Canada)
MS #227
Acquisition Date 15 October 1991
War & Peace: WAR 1991.004
This book deals with the space-between, the binding mystery that can never be spoken. By examining an archeology of myself, I come up with a printed nothingness. I express the unexpressable, only to make Chapterbook a thing of the past. To read it is to destoy the idea. It is a mixture of philosophy, literary criticism and black and white memory photos. Chapterbook is all context.
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The Return of a Legend

Stephen Stathis
(Worcester, MA, USA)
MS #228
Acquisition Date 17 October 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.014
A psychological look at what happened to a rock and roll singer upon leaving the U.S. Army. The year is 1960. The book is a fictional account of the personal and professional decline of one individual based on the choices he made.
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Key to a Deadly Game

Mary Elizabeth Fallon
(Pawcatuck, CT, USA)
MS #229
Acquisition Date 22 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.011
Nineteen year old Steve Hilton, studying to become an attorney as his father, works part-time as a police dispatcher. Jogging late one evening, Steve notices a police cruiser. As he draws near, he discovers they are not checking the house but robbing it. Being the only witness, Steve struggles with making decisions. Who should he go to? Who would believe him? Who could he trust? More problems unfold as he learns the mob is involved as well. Torn between instinct and survival, haunted by the words of a trusted friend, Steve feels powerless to control his own destiny until the inevitable, torrent end.
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Kind People

Mary Elizabeth Fallon
(Pawcatuck, CT, USA)
MS #230
Acquisition Date 22 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.012
Young Todd Wilson finds himself in the caring hands of John and Marion Mathewson who claim they found him along the road side, the victim of an auto accident. The Mathewsons offer to care for him until his parents arrive. After a few days the kind gesture becomes a nightmare. His parents never arrive, the phone lines are down, the car won't start. Todd discovers the Mathewson's nephew, Ryan Kendall, just recently died, and Todd could pass as his twin; then he discovers the phone lines were deliberately cut and worse, the Mathewsons were the people who caused the accident. Terror grips him when after awaking he discovers his hair was cut, the color changed, now he looks identical to Ryan Kendall. Trapped in a house of insane people, Todd is forced to play a deadly charade that could cost him his very life.
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The Virgin Telephone and Other Tales

Gerald X. Diamond
(Seattle, WA, USA)
MS #231
Acquisition Date 22 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.013
A collection of stories about the behavior of landlords, cats, painters, prisoners, ghosts, princesses, slugs, courtesans, pilots, pig farmers, stamp vendors, packrats, stockbrokers, chickens, fathers and sons, apes, lawyers, insects, refugees and other living things. In these tales, the reader must draw his or her own boundary between truth and fantasy. All the tales are true, yet equally fantastic. All the tales are fantastic, yet equally true. If what you read here strikes your fancy, watch for my next book: Coffee.
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Home Zpun Poetry

Yuma Yale
(Luray, VA, USA)
MS #232
Acquisition Date 29 October 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.014
A story,in poetry form.
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Pancake Pages

Julie Wheler
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
MS #233
Acquisition Date 31 October 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.018
A collection from my journals, everything that makes me wake up, smile, and want to wake up again.
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The Promise

Mary E. Fallon
(Pawcatuck, CT, USA)
MS #234
Acquisition Date 5 November 1991
Adventure: ADV 1991.015
It was one-thirty in the afternoon when he passed through the doors of the O'Malley residence. He crossed the large hallway when he heard raised voices behind the door of the living room. He turned listening to the mumbled yet angry voices. It was a tone never heard within the walls of the house. No, not ever. He detected one voice to be that of his Mother, the second was strange to him. It was a masculine voice with a nervous, persistant tone. An odd feeling of danger warned him something was not quite right as he drew to the door.
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The American Book of the Dead

Alan Catlin
(Schenectady, NY, USA)
MS #235
Acquisition Date 3 December 1991
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1991.015
Although primarily set in the not too distant past and the forseeable future, this is a timeless book. It is as timeless as the basic desires of love, hate, greed and the corrupting lust for power are timeless. While all the larger political, philosophical, cultural, and even religious themes are the surface implications of the book, it is essentially a story of awakening and a violent loss of innocence by one uncorrupted individual in a thoroughly corrupt world. While the intent is serious, there is a generous supply of satirical black humor and literary parody.
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Where the Shadows Run from Themselves

Paul A. Clayton
(South San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #236
Acquisition Date 3 December 1991
War & Peace: WAR 1991.005
Viet Nam made me a writer. The experience was so penetrating, so crushing, that all I could think about when I returned was to write it all out and tell other people. I wanted all of you who weren't there to know what it was like. Part of that was from anger. I wanted you to squirm and suffer like I and my friends did. So I wrote this novel over many years, learning all I could about writing along the way. Finally, I was finished and started sending it out. I then discovered an ugly truth: publishers were interested only in blood and gore glamorization, cheap thrills and bullshit, not the true face of war and the learning and brotherhood which sometimes can result from it. They wanted McNovel, more Rambo-regurgitations, not an honest story. So, here it is, a real war novel, where the naive and innocent, the proud and the fanatical are all chewed up and spat out to crawl off and die or, hopefully, heal and grow. Have a good read!
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Sherlock's Homes

Raymond Waldo Sherlock
(Glendale, AZ, USA)
MS #237
Acquisition Date 10 December 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.007
At age eighty-five, Raymond Sherlock tells a life story which spans the twentieth century from horse and buggy to jet airliners. Raymond and Marian, his wife of sixty-two years, lived the first half of the century in Northwest Pennsylvania, traveling for work during the Great Depression to Detroit and California. Since 1950, he has lived in Arizona. Besides various trailer abodes, Raymond and Marian lived in thirty two homes or apartments; hence the name of the book. There are many resourceful job and business experiences, and hunting, house building, bargaining, restaurant and medical/chiropractic stories. Mr. Sherlock's forte was building fireplaces.
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The Pine Forest

Robert W. Johnson
(Larchmont, NY, USA)
MS #238
Acquisition Date 17 December 1991
Poetry: POE 1991.019
These poems were largely written when the author was going through particularly stressful periods, sometimes while confined to the hospital. Written from the heart out of personal experience, they reflect a pained yearning, frustration and sometimes anger but also reveal an appreciation of the beauty of the natural world, a wry sense of humor, a courageous resilience in the face of discouragements, a refusal to give up or to give in. His prose sketch (Frontispiece) describing a pine forest before and after a devestating fire was chosen by him as a summation of what he is saying in these poems. The Pine Forest by Robert W. Johnson (1941-1984) James G. Johnson, Jr., author of the Foreword; also the writer's father and the Legal Representative of his Estate.
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50,000 Watts of Jazz from Fargo

Tim Rundquist
(Eugene, OR, USA)
MS #239
Acquisition Date 31 December 1991
Meaning of Life: MEA 1991.008
A mid-1980's "roadside folklore/novel legend sketchbook" that follows three young men and a 1967 Volkswagen across the United States. Along the way, they encounter the motorcycle cop from Deming, partake in the midnight Michigan monsoon Mexican liqueur van-party, engage in a short bout of Jersey-bashing and, ultimately, find the town of Dent, where one can always stock up on maple syrup and, if lucky, tune into 50,000 watts of jazz from Fargo. The journey, recorded in prose, poem and Country-Western lyrics (among other styles) takes one from the surreal to the immediate to the yard-long beer-induced to, occasionally, back home.
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Manuscripts 1992

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 28
Missing manuscripts = 4 (#245 POE 1992.003; #247 LOV 1992.002; #252 MEA 1992.001.A-B; #256 SOC 1992.003)
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 24

I'd Be Your Roadkill, Baby

Carla A. Schwartz
(Winooski, VT, USA)
MS #240
Acquisition Date 7 January 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.001
All poems in this book were written in 1991. Chapter One-Love Poems and Erotic Poems. Chapter Two-Political and Social Commentary. Chapter Three-Poems expressing sadness or anger. Chapter Four-All the Rest.
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Strive for Mediocrity

Leo William Witz
(Glencoe, IL, USA)
MS #241
Acquisition Date 9 January 1992
Family: FAM 1992.001
What follows is a potpouri of unusual people, and a collection of anecdotes and happenings from the life and times of Leo Witz, who was better than average at just about everything he tried but not all that good at anything. Hence my striving for the elusive mediocrity.
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Blue Ridge

Emily Trent Ballard
(Arlington, VA, USA)
MS #242
Acquisition Date 9 January 1992
War & Peace: WAR 1992.001
A collection of three interwoven stories of the American Civil War, centered on the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1864 when General Sheridan's troops laid it waste. "The Butternut" is the story of an Ohio man who found an unusual way to help his country. "The Yankee" brings a Valley school teacher face to face with the soldiers who would burn her home; and "The Scalawag" tells of a Virginian torn between loyalty to his State and to his country.
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Love and Treachery

Raymond B. Mendez
(Highland, CA, USA)
MS #243
Acquisition Date 16 January 1992
Love: LOV 1992.001
Brad's heart was hurting, and seemed to weigh a ton. His live-in-woman, Jonna, had just ran off with an underworld thug, called Capo. They took the three million dollars from a drug sale and left him flat broke, in a cheap hotel in Athens, Greece. His only alternative was to call his Aunt Audrey collect in New York, and have her bail him out. He hated to do that. She always wanted him, as payment for her favors. Audrey had the morals of an alley cat.
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Shade, Footprints, and Shadows

Kenneth S. Blaine
(Pacific, MO, USA)
MS #244
Acquisition Date 28 January 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.002
A collection of poems from my college years (late 1960s) thru Christmas (1991). Categories include: Arizona, Beaches, Seasons, Humor, Despair, Death, Friendship, Love and Christmas. Hoping that a few might relate or identify with some of the experiences and feelings which I share in my collection of words.
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Love, Bobby

Robert Joyal
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #245
Acquisition Date 11 February 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.003
A collection of letters and poems compiled by family and friends after his death in 1970. Bobby's work covers the mid and late sixties. The tumult of that time period and the struggles of a young man to make sense in a chaotic and often brutal world are reflected in his works. As our collective memory of that piece of history shifts and fades, this book is a little time capsule, written and lived then, passed through to now, to keep the picture clear. I present this book to the Brautigan Library in Bobby's memory. — Margaret Joyal
NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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We and Japan

Jane Lawrence Bickford
(Rockport, MA, USA)
MS #246
Acquisition Date 13 February 1992
Adventure: ADV 1992.001
Excerpts from a weekly journal I kept when we lived in Tokyo, 1964-1966. I removed only travel pages, adding many drawings of things Japanese that I saw. In putting this together, I have given my children a memory trip to enjoy as they renew their acquaintance with this unique country of Japan.
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In His Own Image

Sidney Rosenstein
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #247
Acquisition Date 13 February 1992
Love: LOV 1992.002
Set in the mid-1930s, this novel explores the lives and sorrows of five New Yorkers who seek to escape their various heartbreaks, ennui, an overpowering love affair, a shockingly sudden rejection, and in general, a deep dissatisfaction with life. They find themselves on a bus headed West, and new lives. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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The View from White Mountain

Noorallah Downing
(Stroudsburg, PA, USA)
MS #248
Acquisition Date 18 February 1992
Family: FAM 1992.002
I've always been a writer. As a child my "novels" were take-offs on my mother's Redbook magazine that I don't recall impressed anyone but Uncle Harold, the town dog catcher. Now I am an adult woman, mother, wife, teacher, person, who still enjoys writing. I use the written word to share my vision. These pieces were put together over the past ten years. Unlike my childhood stories where the cardboard ladies all wore frilly aprons and had at least three sets of twins, these tales have a heart.
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White Man's Disease

Ronny P. Kaye
(Tewksbury, MA, USA)
MS #249
Acquisition Date 18 February 1992
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1992.001
A condemnatory cinema-novel, a condemnation of Authority systems, most particularly those of the White West. The narrative devices of "reels" rather than chapters, and of songs, poems, and quotations as transitional elements, are inspired by the jagged narratives of William S. Burroughs and the lyrics of extremist musicians. The "disease" in the title is the death-centered, profit worship of the Mind Control set, known conventionally as the Corporate Overseers. The graphic presentation of murder, torture, sexual mutilation, and armed resistance locates the source of the condemnation in the extreme present.
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Songs of Love and Songs of Fear

Ronny P. Kaye
(Tewksbury, MA, USA)
MS #250
Acquisition Date 18 February 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.004
The core of the poems in this collection were conceived and composed (later refined) in a single night in Fall 1982. The rest (e.g. the minimalist works) date from earlier or later periods (the sonnets being examples of the latter case). The overall span of the collection dates from 1980-1990. The poems are arranged collectively to indicate a passage from origin to ending; their themes travel a spectrum from introspection and politicization to war to metaphysics, and finally to personal confrontation with the innate imbecility of the Universe.
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Miracle Play/When Mourning Comes

Lorraine Smith
(Auburn, NY, USA)
MS #251
Acquisition Date 25 February 1992
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1992.002
An autobiography about the dissolution of a professional nursing career and the so-called "burn-out" that accompanied the downward descent. Written in an alternative, anecdotal, iconoclastic manner, it reads like a speeding train that has lost it's brakes. Searingly honest to the point of brutality, it may offend the sensitive readers that continue to view the "helping professions" as paragons of virtue. A reality/fantasy story of the dissolution of dreams for the individuals that "rode out the storm" of the Eighties, then achieves an eerie redemption at its finale.
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Deep Fool

Barry Eisenberg
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #252
Acquisition Date 25 February 1992
Meaning of Life: MEA 1992.001.A-B
The author of this autobiography is a fifty three year old man who has imbibed freely of the varieties of experience. The Zen Buddhist/hippie author's many and varied love affairs are interwoven with the narrative as are his several descents into homelessness and the lower depths. The global background from the late thirties to the early nineties is related to the author's misadventures and the style is light yet urbane, irreverent and humorous. Recounts the spiritual quest of a man intent on transcending the bounds of standard middle class values and his own dualities. It should appeal to those interested in psychological growth, religion, the love generation, life on the streets and iconoclastic politics. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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A Spy Too Close

Ronald N. Lawruk
(Nepean, Ontario, Canada)
MS #253
Acquisition Date 25 February 1992
Adventure: ADV 1992.002
It's the 1980s. The Soviets devise a plan to control U.S. foreign policy. A woman agent trained by the KGB is smuggled into Canada. A Canadian Security officer joins up with an FBI agent and trails her to Lake Placid. A young woman, engaged to a Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania who is running for President, is murdered. The KGB agent takes her place, undergoes plastic surgery and marries the Senator. After they move to Washington, she sets up a CIA agent for blackmail. The CIA officer rebels and is murdered by a KGB assassin. The FBI and Canadian agents unravel the mystery and foil the plot. The story involves some hair-raising chases through Lake Placid and Washington, D.C.
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Ronny P. Kaye
(Tewksbury, MA, USA)
MS #254
Acquisition Date 25 February 1992
All The Rest: ALL 1992.001
A collection of seven stories sharing a common theme, i.e., the disruption of normality. The settings of the stories range from near-future America to Pharaonic Egypt, from the wasteland of West Africa to the labyrinth of modern China. The narrative motif is storytelling, both simple and convoluted. The themes vary from psychosis to odd criminalities to mystical interference in human affairs. The common denominator is a guarantee in each tale of what the title implies: someone or something will be "disturbed."
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Ronny P. Kaye
(Tewksbury, MA, USA)
MS #255
Acquisition Date 25 February 1992
Future: FUT 1992.001
A trilogy of science fiction stories centered on the theme of "biomechanics," a term borrowed from the Swiss artist H. R. Giger, who conceived and designed the title character from the 1979 film Alien. A "biomechanoid" is a being composed of both organic and inorganic elements, an improbable blend of Mammal and Machine. The first novella, "Reptilicon," is a sci-fi mystery; the second novella, "Opticon," is a parody of the video game era; the last story, "Roboticon (Tears in the rain...)," is the diary of Earth's last, desperate human. TRIAD: three parts of a unified whole.
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Michelangelo: Born with a Gift

Sandra Marie Bibiane Morin
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
MS #256
Acquisition Date 3 March 1992
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1992.003
In the beginning, a statue remains in the mind with intrigue. How could anyone create the most exquisite face out of a cold, hard, rough stone? Many observations of photographs at the public library lead to a familiar book that was written by Irving Stone (The Agony and the Ecstasy). That book deserved the title because of the effort to get through to the end. To make a long story short, I decided to simplify a book for younger readers who are eager to learn about a part of their history. Each drawing has been selected to highlight the different stages of development. I could never begin to mention all the faces which pass by through his life; some had an impact more than others. The relationship, which seemed to surpass all, appeared to be the marriage with the stone. Perhaps, when we learn about how someone great and humble lived, we can develop our own character and we can improve on a better way of life for ourselves. This book is dedicated to my Mom. NOTE: This manuscript is missing.
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Downhill II: The Bitter Memory

Mary E. Fallon
(Pawcatuck, CT, USA)
MS #257
Acquisition Date 3 March 1992
Adventure: ADV 1992.003
Brad Ellington is believed to be dead. To his family, friends, and even to himself. But he is alive, blackmailed into another identity; with a new face, a new name. He is now the son of William Cochrane, mob leader. Weider, Cochrane's hired hit man is out to destroy Brad while Jack Daley, a state trooper from his past returns to help him. But is Daley's help enough? As Cochrane breaks Brad down to submission there seems to be no way out of the bitter trap until he discovers information which could free him or kill him.
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Hello There, James Dean

Jennifer Gibbons
(Pleasant Hill, CA, USA)
MS #258
Acquisition Date 3 March 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.005
These poems I've selected are my favorites in the past two years. You can tell the time of year I've written them in, which might bring back memories of your own. They are poems that I am proud of, and I hope that you will enjoy them.
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Random Thoughts

Gladys M. Hunt
(Eugene, OR, USA)
MS #259
Acquisition Date 31 March 1992
Family: FAM 1992.003
This is a collection well-named, I think. My musings, my rememberings cover a wide range, from friendships and families to places and things. Always, I have written about things that have been meaningful to me. I am an almost compulsive writer and so, in several volumes there is a record of the lives of my family from 1852 to now. The medium of the essay best describes my writing; I have never dealt with plot. It is strictly narrative, made enjoyable, I hope, by humor and common sense.
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Albert George Geiser
(Wilmington, DE, USA)
MS #260
Acquisition Date 25 April 1992
Meaning of Life: MEA 1992.002
This is a collection of short stories. They are related by theme and narrative technique. In most of the stories the point of view is from a single character. The character experiences a confusion of identity and a disassociation from nature. Most of the characters are able to walk a short distance. The characters are changed by their contact with things alien to nature and their bodies, and most of the characters seek comfort and shelter in memories and wishes of their own.
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About the Tree That Fell in the Woods or Grand Unified Field Theory

Stephen Patrick Evart
(Hayward, CA, USA)
MS #261
Acquisition Date 25 April 1992
Meaning of Life: MEA 1992.003
A G.U.T.'s theory (Grand Unified Field Theory) explaining a complete field of Duality of a single law of nature. Proving that event supersedes energy thereby equalizing time. The thesis (seven pages) uses parodies to explain this showing that a fifth force exists as well as cold fusion, life after death, God, a devil, heaven, hell, etc. It shows opposite sides of each isotope of nature to exist. Ironically, the parodies themselves show that these dualities exixt in nature. Time as we know it does not exist as a constant because of a duality. Nothing is faster than nature because of event.
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The Ones in the Long Pants Are Men

Kay Parley
(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
MS #262
Acquisition Date 25 April 1992
Meaning of Life: MEA 1992.004
A student of psychiatric nursing keeps a journal to help her sort out the confusion of theories and regulations which surround her. Frustrated by rigidity, awed by wisdom, devoted to her patients, she evaluates everything that happens. Seventeen years later she adds some introductory chapters giving the hospital setting from a professional vantage point and finds that the meaning of the story has not changed. "There is just acceptance." The important people were the patients in her group; the individual personalities of seven unusual women.
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Sister Taylor, Sister Starlight

Jennifer Gibbons
(Pleasant Hill, CA, USA)
MS #263
Acquisition Date 16 September 1992
Family: FAM 1992.004
Taylor Calloway is a rich debutante who lives in Clarent, California. Starlight Hawkins is a bohemian who lives in Ashland, Oregon. These two women are sisters, but are strangers to each other until a family tragedy comes up that only they can solve. The book shows how in the eighties, people who thought they had everything didn't really have anything at all.
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So I Moved to Vermont

Vanessa Smith
(Sun Prairie, WI, USA)
MS #264
Acquisition Date 22 September 1992
Humor: HUM 1992.001
Let me first state that all of the events in this story really happened. Nothing was made up or exaggerated. The story is simply an emotional chronicle of my move to Vermont from New York, and how I adjusted. I have written it with sort of a grumbly New York tone of voice, but please understand that everything that I whine about in this story, I will whine about affectionately. My greatest hope is that it will strike a note in that great musical funny bone you all have, and make your day a bit more enjoyable. It took me a month to recover from this move. Have fun!
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Just Add Water

Sara E. Sanderson
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)
MS #265
Acquisition Date 30 November 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.006
A collection of poetry reflecting hope for our beleaguered planet. Written on trips to Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, and Sante Fe, the poet reflects native tradition in a look at our problems and our hopes for new vision. Often referred to in the poetry as "Wild Woman," a native Kwakiutl spirit named D'Sonoqua timidly shares her forest with those who will listen. Wind and water carry the message; the poet merely writes it down. Listen. (Inclusion in the library's collection made possible by a generous donation from Ruth Hicks.)
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Changing Winds

Margrit Newman
(Le Rouret, France)
MS #266
Acquisition Date 15 December 1992
Poetry: POE 1992.007
Part of my poetry reflects impressions of everyday life as a mother, as a wife and as a bystander to city scenes. Some of them deal with love, its ups and downs and, last but not least, with the cosmos around us.
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The Best of Gifts: The Green Card

Melba Lake (Mildred A. Ritter)
(Westlake, OH, USA)
MS #267
Acquisition Date 15 December 1992
Love: LOV 1992.003
A true story of a May and December marriage for a Green Card. Mario came to the United States on a student visa. The purpose was to marry any U.S. female citizen, preferably one with money and/or a good position. The romancing, latin sytle, sex, song and dancing, proposal and the hardship of agreeing to sign a pre-nupital agreement, infertility and finally divorce. True love for Mario's happiness is how he gained his freedom as a U.S. citizen and a new prosperous life from poverty.
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You Shall Be Heard

John Giles Roberts
(Woodstock, VT, USA)
MS #268
Acquisition Date 15 December 1992
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1992.004
A series of brief essays, some dealing with philosophy in a very rudimentary manner and degree, developing a theory of law as procedural due process exclusively.
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Manuscripts 1993

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 24
Missing manuscripts = 1 (#282, no information available)
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 23

Ulalume's Tomb Revisited

Robert O. Butler
(Parkesburg, PA, USA)
MS #269
Acquisition Date 28 January 1993
Meaning of Life: MEA 1993.001
The Place Below: A dozen "shades" appear seated, clock-face-wise, in a circle. One presents his "story", Poe's Ulalume, with line-for-line interruption. The Prince of Darkness himself takes over, but discloses his low morale with reference to his role: he's losing his grip, becoming dis-oriented within his own bailiwick. Surprise happy ending.
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The Sorrows of Young Squire Smith

Robert O. Butler
(Parkesburg, PA, USA)
MS #270
Acquisition Date 29 January 1993
Meaning of Life: MEA 1993.002.A-B
In the "First Collection of Tales," Young Squire Smith has dual fatherhood (of a sort) and a superb classical education, but these credentials don't turn out useful upon his return to earth from the illustrious floating academy of Rev. Phineas Finch. In "The Second Collection of Tales," rejected by the United States army as an illiterate, he takes to the high seas, lands upon the island of Long Gyland, attends its university under the tight tutelage of the learned doctor Tabalulu, seven year old captain of the highly dynamic faculty of His Wisdom, the president of the University, himself an infant. A Graf Spee like outer world intrusion. Honor at last, although hardly as sought.
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The Mower

Kay Parley
(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
MS #271
Acquisition Date 30 January 1993
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1993.001
Life in the grass in perilous when you are 3 1/2" tall, particularly so when the tall men bring out the mower. Warned by his elfin intuition that the mower is going to come through his village, Dyra takes his wife and baby and leaves, hoping to find a high place where he can see and understand the dangers. The adventurous little family are finally successful in reaching a safer place to live. Impressed by Dyra's foresight, the conformist villagers follow him and establish a new village under his more relaxed leadership. The Mower sets the scene for the four books which follow in the series The Grass People.
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Can You Drive a Truck?

Carla A. Schwartz
(Winooski, VT, USA)
MS #272
Acquisition Date 31 January 1993
Poetry: POE 1993.001
A collection of poems written in 1992. This is the unedited collection. Chapters include, "Something Missing," a collection of love poems; "You're just my material, Baby," more love poems; "The Day of the Dead," a set of poems about Lilly, Jack, Emma and Marc; "Ties," a set of poems involving some aspect of social commentary, and the final chapter which is a collection involving the characters Betty, Ralph, Lila and Alice. None of the characters in this book are meant to resemble any real people, (including the first person), and any such resemblance is pure coincidence.
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Tallin Avenue

Keat Presse
(Framingham, MA, USA)
MS #273
Acquisition Date 1 February 1993
All The Rest: ALL 1993.001
A novel and blueprint for an envisioned television show in the tradition of St. Elsewhere, Twin Peaks, Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, Night Heat, Cagny and Lacey, M.A.S.H. (from 1979 to 1983), After Mash, and Lou Grant, and it is a tribute to everyone who was part of the making of those shows. I envision as the theme melody for the show, Peter Cater's Coming Home. I hope it will inspire you as Gene Roddenderry taught me my voice, along with the creators of the above, to whom with the reader I dedicate Tallin Avenue. Enjoy!
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"OK, Into the Water Then"

D. Anne Tamblen
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
MS #274
Acquisition Date 2 February 1993
All The Rest: ALL 1993.002
My discoveries, accidentally, of business practices and legal (though, unethical) use of public companies, monies, as practiced in the U.S. airline industry. The disparity gap, between the reality and the promises, regardless of all the laws: labor, OSHA, federal, state, EEOC and California DFEH.
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Book of Memories

Leo R. Abair
(Colchester, VT, USA)
MS #275
Acquisition Date 3 February 1993
Family: FAM 1993.001
An attempt to capture the true spirit of a rare human being, Father Edward L. Hebert, a Roman Catholic priest serving parishes throughout the state of Vermont from 1938-1967. The book was compiled, edited, and printed by Leo R. Abair, his brother, for distribution on the commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death on October 24, 1992. It consists of the personal recollections of the author as well as other family members, friends and associates whose lives he touched including those of Bishop Louis E. Gelineau of Providence, Rhode Island whose life and career was deeply influenced by "Father Eddie."
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In Pursuit of Submarines

S. J. Lanahan
(Trappe, MD, USA)
MS #276
Acquisition Date 4 February 1993
War & Peace: WAR 1993.001
Concerns a young naval officer serving on an escort aircraft carrier assigned to anti-submarine duty in the Atlantic during World War II. He correctly guesses that the Allies have broken the German code used in transmitting messages to submarines at sea. A college classmate, also a naval officer, is engaged in directing Task Groups, consisting of escort carriers and destroyers, to attack wolf packs of submarines. The protagonist accuses his classmate of causing the needless loss of ships and crews by allowing Task Groups to go through the center of known wolf packs. There are subplots involving women and personality conflicts on the escort carrier.
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Good-Looking People

S. J. Lanahan
(Trappe, MD, USA)
MS #277
Acquisition Date 5 February 1993
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1993.002
Concerns a young woman who becomes a successful interior decorator in New York City. She marries a mobster who is killed soon thereafter. She manages to survive in an environment where no one's ambitions are fettered by ethical standards. Her success in business enables her to spend her summers in Southampton, Long Island where she makes new friends, including a leader in the financial markets, a U.S. Senator and a charming con artist. She finds that her connections to the mob have never been cleanly severed.
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Phantoms for a Bush Pilot

Al Coulter
(Lindsay, CA, USA)
MS #278
Acquisition Date 6 February 1993
Adventure: ADV 1993.001
Experiences of a young man flying in Southeastern Alaska in the early 1940's under the most primitive conditions.
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Orion (Volume 1)

Pete Dunn
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)
MS #279
Acquisition Date 7 February 1993
Adventure: ADV 1993.002
The saga of the first space family dynasty. How the discovery of a new outer-space energy and its subsequent decomposition into several new elements provides the basis for improving mankind's existence and the power source for a new type of spaceship to reach the constellation Orion. Where we may or may not be in the "after-life." Some of the Creator's future plans for mankind and how they are planned and executed. Our planet Earth's new location in 400 years. The Second Beginning for mankind. The dynasty's contributions to these events.
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Contemptology: An Essay on Contempt, Respect, and Tolerance

Joseph J. Gormley
(Union City, CA, USA)
MS #280
Acquisition Date 8 February 1993
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1993.003
Speculates about the evolutionary origins of the mental attitudes of contempt, respect, and tolerance. It describes the single subconscious mental process that produces those conscious attitudes. It explores the relationships of the contempt process to human emotions and needs. It considers the effects of contempt, respect, and tolerance upon both the individual and society.
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Curiosity Killed My Hat

Raymond Sikorski
(Bozeman, MT, USA)
MS #281
Acquisition Date 9 February 1993
Meaning of Life: MEA 1993.003
In this collection of short stories and poetry, the mundane and the surreal pair-off for a post-rodeo ho-down. Starting from where A Life Without Porpoise left off, this collection explores pick-up trucks, laundromats, Elvis, trailer parks, garden gnomes, and the other great mysterious joys of life.
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No title information

MS #282
Acquisition Date 10 February 1993
No information for this manuscript.

Orion (Volume II)

Pete Dunn
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)
MS #283
Acquisition Date 11 February 1993
Adventure: ADV 1993.003
Continues the saga of the first space family dynasty. The twin syndrome is broken by the birth of a super-intelligent female. In seeking the beginning of creation she meets the angel Gabriel, hears the voice of God and is given super-natural powers. She frees a new planet's inhabitants from a Satanic cult, saves the constellation Orion during the destruction of the old Universe, defeats Satan in mortal combat, and leads Orion to its position in the new Universe. She marries the son of a 2nd Universe family, begins a new Garden of Eden and a 2nd dynasty is created.
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God's Christmas Gift

Joan Clifton Costner
(Guymon, OK, USA)
MS #284
Acquisition Date 12 February 1993
Spirituality: SPI 1993.001
A tender, read-aloud, poetic retelling of the birth of Jesus Christ. Simple, for young children and appealing to Christian families. Pictures are original watercolors by Sara Tuttle inspired by the author's family album.
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Rye's American Star

Cheryl Anne Willett
(Woburn, MA, USA)
MS #284.5
Acquisition Date 13 February 1993
Family: FAM 1993.002.A-B
A realistic portrayal of three generations of Irish-American women committed to family in the late 1800s. Constance O'Neill is seemingly forever burdened with many family questions and memories. The mysterious disappearance of her brother, the discovery of her father's deception and the shattering disappointment of her husband's flawed concept of marriage all present the possibility of her destruction. The novel's true sense of time, real conflict and strong characters raise many questions. A violent fire links the reader to live the journey toward her father's dream.
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The Bastards of Forrester's Cross

R. Charles Mahan
(Venedy, IL, USA)
MS #285
Acquisition Date 14 February 1993
Family: FAM 1993.003
Piper Collins father has finally died, but the death has not brought the expected peace of mind for the son. Piper would willingly erase the memories, but others have quite different ideas in mind. An unlikely group of people separately prod Piper's morbid curiosity about his father's past and why the man seemed to have hated everybody in general and his son, Piper, in particular. Despite intense suggestions to do otherwise, Piper traces the history of his father and his family to reveal a degenerate story.
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Would You Believe Me If I Told You?

Peter Cooper
(Rutland, VT, USA)
MS #286
Acquisition Date 15 February 1993
Adventure: ADV 1993.004
A boy named Danny and his best friend Izzy are swept away to a strange world called Hellebore by a creature named Joby who can change his form at will. On Hellebore, flower people called Lectuleans rule the kingdom. Danny and Izzy meet a proud girl named Angelica who can fly and who is rebelling against the Lectuleans. With her help, they escape, pursued by a monster named Convolvus who is controlled by an evil grape vine named Pod Terebinth. Back on Earth, Danny and Izzy face the terror of Convolvus with only the aid of the Fennelstone which is filled with mysterious powers!
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Take the Long Way Home

J. F. Dacey
(Lowell, MA, USA)
MS #287
Acquisition Date 16 February 1993
All The Rest: ALL 1993.003.A-B
One full year as seen through the eyes of an all-night taxi driver. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes pathetic, sometimes strange, sometimes maddening, sometimes frightening, exactly like the people who pass in and out of the taxicab. Based on the author's own experiences as an all-night cabbie during 1979 in Lowell, Massachusetts.
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Make Me An Instrument: Parts I, II, III, IV

Alice Carter Weiland
(Clinton Corners, NY, USA)
MS #288
Acquisition Date 17 February 1993
Spirituality: SPI 1993.002.A-B
The "reason" of my work: I became an instrument, through light trance mediumship, for dawn-time messages from St. Francis of Assisi. His compassion and concern for today's anxieties shine through his fist 100 messages at the end of which he stated, "Now share these." Part One is autobiographical, essentially my path of growth toward this end. Part Two and Part Four consist of these messages. Part Three, "The Yoke", for which I wrote the book, music and lyrics, and which says, through a child, "Differences don' make no difference," is the essence of much of Francis' message to us.
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Voices and Echoes: Selected Prose and Poetry (and a Poet's Journal)

Eric Wallace
(Tacoma, WA, USA)
MS #289
Acquisition Date 18 February 1993
Poetry: POE 1993.002
A Poet's Journal: Interludes of solitude (mostly prose and notebooks). Voices and Echoes: Poetry; 3 short stories: "Night Music," "Summer of Love," and "The Blind Girl in the Lighthouse."
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It's Not Real Life

Kedds Filbert
(Dayton, OH, USA)
MS #290
Acquisition Date 19 February 1993
Meaning of Life: MEA 1993.004
Takes the reader back to the wild 1970s, when we all inhaled. It is a series of anecdotes stretching over a one year period, beginning in the author's first year of college, which couldn't have been real life, followed by a strange and sexually stimulating summer at Provincetown, Massachusetts. (Was that real life?) It is an unforgettable year, one that the author can't forget for some reason, a sex-filled year when the author realizes there's more to life than sex. It is funny, sexy, thought-provoking and an unusual way to look at life in the mid-1970s.
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Uncle Louie's Song and Other Tales

Chuck Rehmer
(Vernon, CT, USA)
MS #291
Acquisition Date 20 February 1993
Poetry: POE 1993.003
A collection of mid-1970s poetry by Chuck Rehmer, whose style and inspiration come from Richard Brautigan, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Alan Ginsberg, and Tom Wolfe. Any kindred souls, outlaw artists, or beat(en) poets may be given my address to write me. I will answer any and all.
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Cellos and NoiseCollectors

Terry Dernbach
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)
MS #292
Acquisition Date 21 February 1993
Future: FUT 1993.001
Los Angeles. The concrete rivers have become hectic water-freeways of boat traffic. The wealthy travel in swift vehicles on elevated roadways. The rest live in squalor, beneath, in the industrial gloom. Keiko is a NoiseCollector maintenance girl. NoiseCollectors are installed near roadways, factories, and the busy transportation canals to gather the noise, convert it into electrical energy, and feed it back into the city grid. The Villain; a psychotic designer and deviant, hunts in a powerful, ultra-modern water-transport vehicle operated by a sassy, expressionistic on-board computer. He hunts for a girl who will be taken back to his estate, trained, and put into service as a sexual plaything.
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Manuscripts 1994

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 16
Missing manuscripts = 0
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 16

Such A Glorious Feeling — Being

Doris A. Kearney
(Springfield, VT, USA)
MS #293
Acquisition Date 26 January 1994
Poetry: POE 1994.001
No abstract provided.
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A Simpler Time and Place

Martha Trumble Sexton
MS #294
(Tracy, MO, USA)
Acquisition Date 27 January 1994
Family: FAM 1994.001
This is the story of my life and a loving marriage which endured for fifty five years, through the good times and the bad.
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Richard W. Kimball
(Prescott, AZ, USA)
MS #295
Acquisition Date 28 January 1994
Meaning of Life: MEA 1994.001
This is a book about a trip undertaken by my brother, George Kimball and his wife Caron, to the ancient Maya city of Tulum in Yucatan of Mexico. It is a combination of George's observations with a smattering of historical facts.
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Orion (Volume III)

Pete Dunn
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)
MS #296
Acquisition Date 29 January 1994
Adventure: ADV 1994.001
Continuing the saga of the first space family dynasty and its inter-relationship with the second dynasty, 1400 years into the future. A time capsule is found containing a "lost manuscript". (Flashback) The manuscript portrays life during America's "Golden Years" and outlines the causes for the near-destruction of that nation in the latter part of the 20th Century. (Future) The genealogy of the dynasty is traced back to one of the "Lost Tribes of Israel". Life in the Universe II, especially on the planet Eden with members of the second dynasty. Epilogue.
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The Fire Inside

Carla A. Schwartz
(Gainsville, FL, USA)
MS #297
Acquisition Date 30 January 1994
Poetry: POE 1994.002
This book of poetry, like my previous ones, is a collection of the year's poems, in this case, those written in 1993. Some of the old characters are still around: Lily, Jack, Flori, Doris, Janey, Betty, Ralph, Lila, and Alice, all pop up. The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter, The Cast of Characters, contains poems about some of my characters: Janey, Doris, Fred, Mike, Flori, and Alice. Chapter two contains poems about sadness. Chapter three contains poems about Ralph, Betty, Lila, Donald, Victoria, and Homer. Chapter four returns to the saga of Lily and Jack. Chapter five contains love poems and Chapter six includes social commentary.
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To All My Friends on Shore

Gavin de Rhys
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #298
Acquisition Date 31 January 1994
Poetry: POE 1994.003
A collection of thirty poems, and one dramatic monologue titled "Nocturne." The poems are mostly about love, life, and death; the monologue adds a sense of redemption. Mr. de Rhys, debilitated by AIDS, committed suicide in 1991 at age fifty two. Except for two poems left out of the collection, both of which have appeared in Thirteen Poetry Magazine, this is all that is left of his writings. Although reluctant to show his work during his lifetime, his final wish was to share it as a mark of his time on this planet.
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Cold Fusion

Andrew Colameco
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #299
Acquisition Date 1 February 1994
All The Rest: ALL 1994.001
A novel that contains many of the elements of the author's three novellas already in residence in the Brautigan. House flies are still running the planet and farming humans. Peter Simmons spirals through his life and imagination while pianos fall from the sky and arrows wiz by, just missing the oblivious malcontent.
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Seek and Go Hide

James Robert Addison
(New Britain, CT, USA)
MS #300
Acquisition Date 2 February 1994
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1994.001
It is a fictional tragic romance, composed in a literary narrative style, set in contemporaneous surroundings. The story involves a central character named Jacob Sommersveldt, his long-time girlfriend Gwendolyn, and her new intended, a writer named Brad. Jake has lost his job as a recording studio engineer due to the recession, although he claims it is due to a failure of society. He takes a dim view of Gwen's plans to get married to the writer/school teacher, while she contrives in a clandestine way to help him tell the story of his own ill-fated love for her in something like a book, a letters to my ex-type of account. He begins work on a novel but runs away to South Carolina when his publisher starts pressuring him to send the final installment or cancel the contract.
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Enjoy the War, Peace Will Be Terrible

Romana Pflugfelder
(Cherry Hill, NJ, USA)
MS #301
Acquisition Date 3 February 1994
War & Peace: WAR 1994.001
The story takes place in Vienna, Austria. It portrays the life of two teenage girls during World War II. It relates about their family, including their brothers who served in the war, one of which died in combat. It gives an inside picture of Vienna with all it's charm and splendor. During the concluding days of the war the family's flight to Bavaria, Germany to, escape the Russian conquest of the city of Vienna. The narrative deals primarily with the trials and tribulations of the civilian population in war torn Austria; encompassing intrigue, danger, romance, incarceration, failure, success, and survival. It also deals with the return to Vienna and the hard times after the war.
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The House at the Bottom of the Hill and Halfway Up

Margaret Y. Krider
(Fairview, PA, USA)
MS #302
Acquisition Date 4 February 1994
Family: FAM 1994.002
An autobiography of remembered incidents of an artist/teacher who, as a child during the twenties and thirties writes brief stories of those times. They reflect the importance of an event as her first week of school that predicts a path the child would eventually follow. Even poignant events show a sensitive child, capable of strong independence, sad feelings, adventurous directions, and a need for and about parental concern.
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Do What You Do to Survive: A Stroke of Luck

Paul C. Grassia
(Woburn, MA, USA)
MS #303
Acquisition Date 5 February 1994
Meaning of Life: MEA 1994.002
The story of one man's recovery from a massive stroke and the beginning of a new life. A story of courage and determination. Music heals.
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Her Healthy Period of Rebellion

Noorallah Downing
(Stroudsburg, PA, USA)
MS #304
Acquisition Date 6 February 1994
Poetry: POE 1994.004
I write to breathe. My children write. My husband gave me the cost of the fee to put this work on the shelf of the Brautigan as a birthday gift. We get a big kick out of being here. Thank you.
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Robert Carson
(Cumbria, United Kingdom)
MS #305
Acquisition Date 7 February 1994
Humor: HUM 1994.001
"Dorrie The Dormouse," and "Nanuk," were based on Christmas cards I received from the people I've dedicated the stories to. "Fidget," "A Question of Paternity", and "The last Dance" draw from events which happened in my childhood spent in dairy in the west coast of Scotland. Why Lodestar? I chose the title in the hope that it might draw people closer to my work. If you continue the journey you have begun, the title will have served its purpose admirably.
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Koralina's Journey

Helen Lou Barden
(Dansville, NY, USA)
MS #306
Acquisition Date 8 February 1994
Family: FAM 1994.003.A-B
The fictionalized biography of a Swedish immigrant's journey through life from her "crossing" at age 16 in 1869, the raising of her large family; first in Galesburg, Illinois, then to Buffalo, New York. Eventually they settled in the village of Cattaraugus, nestled among the rolling hills of western New York State where she finally realized her dream, to purchase land, and her own home. Her factual story is one about those invisible threads of shared visions, struggles, hardships, failures, successes, joys, and a set of values connecting us all one to another stretching over a gentler time in our history.
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Stalin's Chicken and Other Abominations

Ronny P. Kaye
(Tewksbury, MA, USA)
MS #307
Acquisition Date 9 February 1994
All The Rest: ALL 1994.002
The stories constitute a collection of eclectic weirditudes, ranging from the "Roman a clef", "A Quandry", parodying a small gallery of notable literary entities, to a nightmare adventure into prehistory in the final tale, "Naughty Boy Return (Goats Head Delight)." In between are forays into various modern sicknesses: NRA-style lunacy, domestic betrayals, the disease of ordinariness, the curse of dead love, necrophila, cocaine addiction, and so on. These are not traditional stories but rather a cartoon catalogue of contemporary abominations in prose form.
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James Boorstein
(New York, NY, USA)
MS #308
Acquisition Date 10 February 1994
Meaning of Life: MEA 1994.003
These "bits" are about everything and nothing. There is some hard information like the alleged amount of TV watched by an average American in 1988, and where one can buy a spaghetti sandwich. Old adages like "you are what you eat," are explored, along with questions like: is dancing exercise, how much smoke is in a cigar, what is history, does happiness help you focus better, is a TV more important then a refrigerator. There are tips on living well; words from Asia, commentary, on contemporary American life, and on Modern Art. There are no jokes, no pictures, no answers.
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Manuscripts 1995

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 2
Missing manuscripts = 0
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 2

The Upper Room with a View

Barbara Gail
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #309
Acquisition Date 1 February 1995
Meaning of Life: MEA 1995.001
It's been the best of times and it's been the worst of times. So I take you on an unforgettable roller coaster ride, it is my life as a mental patient and philosopher of sorts. God has taken the edges off my anger and sorrows, like the stone I once sculpted I've been chiseled down and hopefully made more beautiful. My trust is with him. I've been honed down so much I now can see beauty in the dust of a sun-ray and find peace in a rose petal slipping through my fingers. I was battered as a new born child causing me to have many dysfunctions. With my imagination, wit, and stout heart I found ways not only to survive but to enjoy life, if you enjoy seeing an old twisted healthy tree, you may enjoy my story. To see out my window I must bend and focus away from the dumpster to seek the beauty of the lake and mountains. In God I have trusted and been rewarded with a rich life of abundant love, great appreciation for his world and the creative life within it.
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Beyond Pearl Harbor

Clio Wetmore
(Laguna Hills, CA, USA)
MS #310
Acquisition Date 2 February 1995
War & Peace: WAR 1995.001
My story about the three years spent as a prisoner of the Japanese, together with my mother and two brothers. It is a story about the fate of thousands of American, British, and Allied civilians imprisoned by the Japanese in Manila and an auxiliary camp called Los Banos. It tells how the American and Philippine Red Cross provided funds to pay for our food, after one month when we were left in camp without any provisions by the Japanese. We had to rely on outside relatives and friends to bring food packages to us until the Red Cross was able to organize. I describe how the camp organized committees to handle our needs; food kitchens, schools, hospital, security, entertainment, everything necessary, as the Japanese did nothing. I tell of the way we survived the dirt, crowding, indignities, and eventually starvation, with our elderly dying for lack of food and the children scavenging the Japanese garbage cans for scraps until forbidden by the commandant. Finally I tell of our glorious liberation by tanks of the First Cavalry, who freed us on February 3, 1945 and later when the 37th Infantry arrived with food and supplies. Our troubles were not at an end, as the Japanese started lobbing shells into our camp, killing and wounding many. Pearl Harbor had been bombed for one day and all the world knows of it. The Philippines wee bombed daily from December 8th until the 30th, when Manila was declared an "Open City" and the Japanese marched in. I am hoping that this part of history will not be forgotten.
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Manuscripts 1996

Total manuscripts cataloged this year = 6
Missing manuscripts = 0
Total manuscripts added to collection this year = 6

Communication Relations

Bent Stidsen
(Cayuga, Ontario, Canada)
MS #311
Acquisition Date 15 January 1996
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1996.001
The aim of this volume is no less than a mapping of the territory for which the term "communication" may serve as a title. Our key contention is that communication is a life function. And as such it must be comprehended in ways centering on the fundamental characteristics of living systems.
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A Century Past

Jeffrey Barron
(Bonita, CA, USA)
MS #312
Acquisition Date 16 January 1996
Social/Political/Cultural: SOC 1996.002
These stories were written because they needed to be told. They were not written for profit nor for some economic necessity. If you enjoy reading Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Raymond Carver, then you should enjoy these seven additions to Literature. I hope that you will like at least a couple of the stories in this selection. A lot of work went into them, but I feel good that they are in a place where they can be read.
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A View on the Street

Fred G. Hill
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #313
Acquisition Date 17 January 1996
Humor: HUM 1996.001
Verse-like commentary on life, death, ghosts, bugs, typewriters and microcomputers.
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Three Children's Stories

Fred G. Hill
(Burlington, VT, USA)
MS #314
Acquisition Date 18 January 1996
Family: FAM 1996.001
"Tommy Gets A Tyranosaur" is a moral tale. The hostility between Tommy and his parents is mediated by a mischievous pet Tyranosaurus. "Umbrella Picnic" is about a family enjoying a picnic in the rain. So do all the creatures. Charles keeps it all in order. "Where I Live Now" is about a little girl who rationalizes her traumatic experience with fire. No pictures included!
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Words on Wood

Rhene M. Kagan
(Colchester VT, USA)
MS #315
Acquisition Date 19 January 1996
Poetry: POE 1996.001
A collection of poems written by me from 1972 to 1985. There is no real common theme, although most of the poems reflect my feelings of love, pain, happiness, sadness, discontent and harmony in various relationships I was involved in during that period of my life. There are also poems written about nature and the everyday trials of living life.
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The Mirror of My Life

Syed Jafar Raza Bilgrami
(Delhi, India)
MS #316
Acquisition Date 20 January 1996
Meaning of Life: MEA 1996.001
I am a formidable foe to my unbearable circumstances, which dare to challenge me, but I, in turn, crush them ruthlessly, with my full inner force. The more they challenge and try to overpower me, the confidently I came out with an ever fresh energy. I feel pleasure in throwing my life into the orbit of circumstances and then taking it out successfully from difficult situations with an ever increasing courage. Every "throwing" increases confidence and every "taking out" brings back new experience and thus instead of letting my life to be on the mercy of my circumstances, I have compelled the circumstances to be on the mercy of my life.
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