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Details about the four manuscripts in The Brautigan Library's "Future" (FUT) category.


These manuscripts are included in the "Family" (FUT) category using The Mayonnaise System, a classification system developed for The Brautigan Library. Manuscripts are cataloged according to fourteen general categories, the year of submission, and the order of acquisition into the category. For example, LOV 1992.005 indicates the manuscript was the fifth one cataloged in 1992 to the LOV(e) category. Manuscript synopses provided by authors at time of submission. Comments from The Librarian provide additional information.


Manuscripts in FUT category = 4
1993 = 1 manuscript
1992 = 1 manuscripts
1991 = 2 manuscripts
1990 = 1 manuscripts
Missing = 1 manuscript (MS #192 FUT 1991.002)

Cellos and Noise Collectors

T.(erry) Dernback
MS #292
FUT 1993.001
Registered 1993/02/21 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
Cellos and Noise Collectors takes place in Los Angeles. The concrete rivers have become hectic water-freeways of boat traffic. The wealthy travel in swift vehicles on elevated roadways. The rest live in squalor, beneath, in the industrial gloom. Keiko is a Noise Collector maintenance girl. Noise Collectors are installed near roadways, factories, and the busy transportation canals to gather the noise, convert it into electrical energy, and feed it back into the city grid. The Villain, a psychotic designer and deviant, hunts in a powerful, ultra-modern water-transport vehicle operated by a sassy, expressionistic on-board computer. He hunts for a girl who will be taken back to his estate, trained, and put into service as a sexual plaything.


Ronny Kaye
MS #255
FUT 1992.001
Registered 1992/02/25 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
Triad is a trilogy of science fiction stories centered on the theme of "biomechanics," a term borrowed from the Swiss artist H. R. Giger, who conceived and designed the title character from the 1979 film Alien. A "biomechanoid" is a being composed of both organic and inorganic elements, an improbable blend of Mammal and Machine. The first novella, "Reptilicon," is a sci-fi mystery. The second novella, "Opticon," is a parody of the video game era. The last story, "Roboticon (Tears in the rain)," is the diary of Earth's last, desperate human. Triad: three parts of a unified whole.

Librarian's Comment
Ronny Kaye has submitted five manuscripts to The Brautigan Library. They are White Man's Disease (SOC 1992.001), Songs of Love and Songs of Fear (POE 1992.004), Disturbances (ALL 1992.001), Triad (FUT 1992.001), and Stalin's Chicken and Other Abominations (ALL 1994.002).

The White Years

H. Bird
MS #192
FUT 1991.002
Registered 1991/07/18 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
In the year 2002 the world came to an abrupt end as we know it. Through years of effort a few surviving children united to a future hope in a new world. Those were The White Years. NOTE: This manuscript is missing from the library collection.

Librarian's Comment
Unfortunately, this manuscript was missing from The Brautigan Library collection when it was transferred from Burlington, Vermont, to Vancouver, Washington.

The Quadra Zone

William Nilson
MS #148
FUT 1991.001
Registered 1991/01/04 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
The year is 2016, and the United States has four manned space stations in orbit around the earth. Unusual signals from deep space are detected and translated by these stations and their ground support facilities. The crews find themselves witness to a space battle that happened 350 years ago. As they listen and follow the combat action, residents of the earth learn that life, both good and evil, does exist out among the stars, in The Quadra Zone.

The Bootstrap Book, Poems, The Realm & Merewem Plurn

Michael Soper
MS #055
FUT 1990.001
Registered 1990/06/25 by The Librarian

Author's Synopsis
The Bootstrap Book, Poems, The Realm & Merewem Plurn is a collection of works from England, 1975-1984.